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17th Jan 2010, 17:44
Who must dim EFIS, ECAM, MCDU, in particular SD, EWD, panels during parking?


17th Jan 2010, 22:50
usually PNF will handle both SD and EWD however we only do it on "Leaving the Aircraft" and not on Parking. (PFD + ND and the associated MCDU will be operated by each on their side).

18th Jan 2010, 02:11
Why do you do it usually? Because it is not covered by SOP? I cannot find this as well. Just written "DU.......DIM" for both pilots.

We Fix Them
19th Jan 2010, 09:59
We just do it to prolong the life of the LCD's or CRT's here... A330/A340's But like previous posters said it's an first come first serve basis. I've walked on from two different ends in the aircraft being on Ground Service too everything being powered including ADIRU's after an longhaul so don't sweat it !

19th Jan 2010, 13:33
And who's gona close the door when we leve the aircraft?? :confused:

come on guys

19th Jan 2010, 14:56
The guy with the keys, of course. Hehehe

20th Jan 2010, 20:42
And who is the last one to hehehe here?

21st Jan 2010, 09:27
The one with the knowledge my friend.

21st Jan 2010, 18:31
If SOP does not highlight it nobody MUST do that. As for me both do that
con respesto

22nd Jan 2010, 14:56
Do airliners actually have a key to lock the main doors?

Are there any safeguards (master key etc) similar to the magneto selector key in the PA-28, without which the aircraft won't do anything?

22nd Jan 2010, 15:09
On QTR we always leave the keys in the IGN, and never put the Krook lock in.
Is this unique on the AN12, or just our policy.


23rd Jan 2010, 06:54
No key in airliners. No magnetos to select on jetengines.
In our company the a/c is seldom unattended as we make optimum use of them. And if the are unattended you switch it off completely and airport security will safeguard them.

Look For The Rainbow
23rd Jan 2010, 17:35
Vobchem ta, kak uje tibya gavarili PFD/ND na tvaya starana tvoe zone of responsibility, kamandeer ne budet ktibya naklanitsa i dim zdelat tvoe PFD/ND, i ti toje ni budesh, i vobshe shto eto za vapros Barada? (ti ni breyishsya?) sprasi shto ni bud seriousne. Udachi tibya! Safe paleti!

Big Trevor
24th Jan 2010, 17:49
I make sure I have left the A320 ignition keys under the mat outside Door 1L, put the steering wheel lock in, and if parked on a hill left it in gear to help the handbrake out.:bored:

And when it comes to dimming who always keeps dimming the radar aswell as the ND so when you turn the radar on you think there's nothing ahead of you, then you look over at the other guys to see masses of red:\

David Horn
24th Jan 2010, 18:47
I make sure I have left the A320 ignition keys under the mat outside Door 1L, put the steering wheel lock in, and if parked on a hill left it in gear to help the handbrake out.

Pah. Obviously, you didn't opt for the LX model with central locking. ;-)

25th Jan 2010, 13:05
Some pilots are great at it but, dimming all displays, turning down the radio's and setting the TCAS to stby are things that were just common sence with many operators. Unfortunately common sence and consideration lack greatly at my current operator.

25th Jan 2010, 13:36
Certain Bus Drivers of said Orangeness, Leave MCDU's Dimmed,ECAM

Screens Dimmed,ADIRU's Off,Batts Off,TCAS STNDBY,Wx RDR Off,Tech.log

Write up Bemusing,cabin log sign off amusing,and a copy of Nuts magazine

on RH Seat which is amazing, If Only SOP's involved more lads mags on

shut down, my shift would be more entertaining.....:ok:

Jim Croche
28th Jan 2010, 23:12

A friend who flies the 320 tells me that their SOPs do not allow them to dim the radar switch for the ND due to the RED reasons you mention. Seems eminently sensible to me.