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8th Jan 2010, 05:35
Youtubing as usual and came across a video of a Cessna 150 that made a successful emergency landing on a football pitch in Port Coquitlam Canada. It happened on the 29th of December 2009. fortunately, neither the pilot nor anyone on the ground was injured.

The Youtube video below makes interesting viewing.
Youtube Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks_Y2dd3-dg)

Google Earth Coordinates for those interested: 49°15'31.00"N, 122°47'19.56"W

Local TV News Report (http://www.ctvbc.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20091230/bc_pilot_landing_091229/20091230/?hub=BritishColumbiaHome)

Tim Dawson
8th Jan 2010, 10:18
How on earth did it get through all those trees?

Sir George Cayley
8th Jan 2010, 10:21
Thanks for posting this, I'll watch it later.

As a Chief Inspector with the Pedant Police, could I point out that you appear to be saying that fortunately the pilot was injured but that no-one on the ground was?

I'm sure the word 'neither' would be better.:ok:

Carry on;)


8th Jan 2010, 11:04
Cheers George. :ok:

Pilot DAR
8th Jan 2010, 12:01
What a fine forced landing that appears to be! The pilot did an excellent job of getting in amongst the trees, though those white pines are somewhat forgiving. There is some damage to the wings and right flap which make it appear that the trees probably slowed the plane as it came through. Nature's arrester gear!

Red Four
8th Jan 2010, 12:45
"How on earth did it get through all those trees?"

He obviously didn't have the 'Biggles Pancaking Endorsement' in his licence.;)

8th Jan 2010, 14:48
He found out what the 40 degree flap setting was for!

8th Jan 2010, 15:21
Must be a graduate of the Chesley Sullenberger School of Forced Landings :ok:

8th Jan 2010, 16:31
I'd like to commend the pilot for his skill in finding a school to narrowly avoid :E

Sir George Cayley
8th Jan 2010, 17:05
Actually, if you look at the left wing it well damaged. Nevertheless, everyone you walk away from:D


8th Jan 2010, 18:43
Another forced landing caused by the "engine beginning to stall...":rolleyes:

8th Jan 2010, 21:28
Excellent bit of flying, and, given the happy outcome an excellent soundtrack as well.

8th Jan 2010, 22:37
CTV British Columbia

"I'm going to have to open the door and yell at her because I don't have a horn to honk."

Rapidly pull the wheel out all the way to the stop; you’ll get all the "honk" you could want!

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