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4th Jan 2010, 05:02
FOQA - does anyone have a document showing what is monitored by the FOQA system and typical values that trigger an event. I know this will not be uniform across airlines... but any document would be a starting point.


4th Jan 2010, 06:59
It can be as simple as 30 or 40 data inputs to hundreds of inputs, each airline, software setup, recording device, aircraft, determines what can and is monitored. I believe if you look for the FAA information on FOQA you will find a few examples of events that are monitored for. Most airlines find that once they start they will narrow down to what they need and it can be a constantly changing need.

21st Jan 2011, 09:46

I used this online document (I think you can download as well, but I did not try, I am using online) to develop my own. Basically I keep as it is. Very use full source.

Flight Data Monitoring Manual (http://www.docstoc.com/docs/67843299/Flight-Data-Monitoring-Manual)

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21st Jan 2011, 18:02

The best source of a company's own FDM event "limits" would be your SOPs. Stay within them and very few if any events are triggered. That was our published standard; when we received calls asking for these limits that's what we said. Also, as stated by others, the limits change with circumstances.

We never published these limits because crews will fly to them and otherwise possibly run their operation with these limits in mind and not other things which may result in an exceedence of less importance when resolving something of more importance...so to speak. That's why flight data analysis requires the participation of active line pilots on the team who know the operation. It is far more complex than most understand.

Some Asian airlines create a blame-and-enforce culture with their FDM Programs, and discipline or even fine their pilots for FOQA exceedences. So the pilots will fly to those limits rather than keeping the overall operation in mind. The experience is a clear example of this kind of pilot response and is to be avoided in a properly-run FDM Program. Otherwise pilots are concentrating narrowly and can make (and have made) decisions based upon approaching FDM limits rather than the overall operation.


22nd Jan 2011, 00:35
I`ve seen the operation of asian company , and during tha taxi into the gate as they are limited to 5kts, the F/O instead of beeing looking outside to avoid some obstacles which usually are around ,like stairs , etc, he stays all the time telling the Capt. their present speed.

They also always ,or almost always fly selected speed , and so on....They really fly the foqa , not the airplane.