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3rd Jan 2010, 09:19
I would like to buy some headset for use on jet aircraft.. I would like to spend araund 200-300euro..what do you advise me?
Thank you very much

3rd Jan 2010, 11:36
Jet aircraft encompases a huge range from single seat ex military to large airliners. What aircraft are you planning to use this headset in?

3rd Jan 2010, 15:26
On the boeing 737 ng

3rd Jan 2010, 16:10
Bose Aviation X. Spend the xtra cash on it. It is the best headset, period. Forget about the silly on-ear crap ( as you might as well use those Boeing-supplied pieces of S) :ok:
If you cannot afford the X - go for Bose QuietComfort with UFlyMike.

Willit Run
5th Jan 2010, 02:37
Check out the Lightspeed ZULU. Many people have turned in/sold their Bose aviation for the lightspeed ZULU. It truely is the best thing going.And it about $100 cheaper than the bose.

5th Jan 2010, 03:42
I own both the Bose X and Zulu, both are very good, but prefer the Zulu.

* Orest

10th Jan 2010, 15:10
Anyone tried the NanoComm GA (http://www.nanocommga.com/technical.html)? Comments? Reviews? Thanks

11th Jan 2010, 03:55
And what about Sennheiser HMEC 25 ???

Really like how they look


11th Jan 2010, 11:16
Sennheisers work fine. Even better when you can get a big industry discount...

15th Jan 2010, 11:55
Any opinion on telex airman 500 anr or 850?

15th Jan 2010, 12:24
I use the 850 ANR now for several years and im quite happy with it. Works like a charm in 737s.

16th Jan 2010, 01:20
Maybe this will help. We've conducted 3 surveys with about the same results each time. The Clarity and Lightspeed aren't listed because of the very small number of folks that use them. The results are based on about 95% professional and 5% GA pilots.


Willit Run
16th Jan 2010, 02:50
The thing about the graphs; both of the top contenders are both Bose products. Althouth they are good, very good, the Light speed Zulu is better and cheaper than the Bose Aviation. I have tried them both, the Bose aviation is realy good, but the Lightspeed is better, The Bose "U Fly Mike" truely is a good deal, but to be covered under the legal FAA/PMA, you have to wear the earbuds that come with it. I had some serious interference with the window heat/ or other electronic wires when I got close to the window, which is VERY easy to do on the
747. Never flew a 737, so i can't comment on that. I can say with absolute certainty, I have heard stuff from my I-Pod through my Lightspeed Zulu, that I have never heard before, even through a good quality home stereo system!!
I have given the Telex 850 a good try; its OK, but not great. The Sennheisers have too much hiss as back ground noise to cancel out the ambient noise.

It's friday, I just got back from the pub, but thats my humble opinion!

16th Jan 2010, 03:23
Willit Run,

Biggest down side we've heard of the Zulu is the size and discomfort to some. Depends on the person, though. I have found them much quieter than any other headset, also. Last time I checked, it wasn't TSO'd, either (not that I personally think it matters and is not a factor outside the U.S.).

Window heat interference is a rare problem, but is usually an aircraft issue more than the headset.

Folks that have the earbuds with our product, either don't use it (it's a stupid requirement by the FAA), or just put an earbud in the earcup... they don't actually stick it in their ear(s).

Vast majority of our customers put Telex last for about everything except the "earspike" type headsets like the Plantronics MS50 and Telex Pro 5x5. They will actually damage your hearing. Consider the cockpit db of a Boeing is typically 82-86 db (extended exposure to 85 db will cause hearing damage). Now, to hear over that 82-86 db, you have to turn up a single earpiece headset to some level above 82-86 db, so the hearing damage is worse in the ear with the earspike.

IMO, wear a dual earpiece headset, regardless of what you choose you'll be better off. Everybody is different about what is important to them, so there really is no ideal headset... all depends on the person.


24th Jan 2010, 02:05
We have Bose in the Twin Otter (not a quiet airplane). Most of us have a Zulu. Quieter and more comfortable. Probably overkill in the 737 NG, though. I've worn the Zulu for as long as six hours in a day and haven't suffered discomfort.

24th Jan 2010, 02:55
I use Telex AIRMAN 850 ANR in a narrowbody airbus, multiple sectors day in and out operations. Very happy with it and helps to shield out a lot of back ground noise. :8 saving my old ears for my twilight years....:O