View Full Version : Manual landing with autobrake table A320

1st Jan 2010, 18:44
What is the use of this table in FCOM2? Autoland with autobrake table in QRH is recommended for inflight diversion according to Instructor support book.


1st Jan 2010, 18:48
You might not be able to do an auto land (e.g. NPA)

1st Jan 2010, 21:02
These actual landing distances are the most realistic ones from a day-to-day operational point of view, as most of the time, you land manually with AUTOBRK (or w/o AUTOBRK but without applying max braking...).

You will notice that if you compare the Manual Landing with Autobrake table values (FCOM 2) to Autoland Landing Distance with Autobrake values (QRH), the average landing distance difference for same weight/conditions are about 100/130m, the latter being a bit higher.

So when considering diversion with no failure, you simply has to refer to your QRH in Autoland with autobrake table and you will be covered even if you land manually with autobrake.

Concl: those tables are roughly equivalent!

EDIT: but for "planning" as you mentioned below, you'll have to refer to the Required Landing Distance concept.

1st Jan 2010, 22:13

So, manual landing table is just for info, autoland is for planning. That is why the last one is in QRH.