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30th Dec 2009, 22:00
FCOM2 A320 has QRT in case no RTOW available. But there is no word about QNH correction.

Why do you think:
- it is negligable
- because we already entered with pressure altitude that should take into account QNH
- or we should use correction after QRT using QNH/BLEEDS correction table on 2.24


30th Dec 2009, 22:12
I don't fly the Airbus and so I am unfamiliar with the manuals; however, if the table is entered with pressure altitude then the QNH correction has already been made for you. Just make sure you know what your pressure altitude is! If you are not sure, set STD on the altimeter - hey presto! It will display your pressure altitude.



30th Dec 2009, 22:39
Merci boku:)

1st Jan 2010, 20:23
Hello! Eckhard is right. There is proper link - 2.02.40 p.1, HOW TO PROCEED, the third item.
Con respecto

1st Jan 2010, 22:53
I agree with both of you: 2.02.40 p.1 How to proceed tells us in item 3 to enter with airport pressure altitude. And there is no more word about QNH correction. And sound mental logic leads to just transforming QNH to pressure altitude.:D

But:ugh:, read 2.02.24 p.2 Example 2, where it is clear, that after reading Tflex on the QRT you should correct it for QNH.

I think, that there is no need, because we entered QRT with actual pressure altitude. Correction according to 2.02.24 is to be when we entered with standart elevation.

Spasibo, I think it is right. Or not?;)