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25th Dec 2009, 13:41
Hi all first of all Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

I have a Uk issued JAA PPL and have held it for 2 years now. Unfortuantly due to money constraints i didnt do enough hours in the second year to keep current so my liscence now needs revalidating. Im off to canada in a few months and will have the opportunity to go flying again. I was wondering if its possible to revalidate my liscence out there as there part of JAA if it still exists?:confused: Or whether or not i have to revalidate it in the UK before i leave?

Any answers and thoughts would be appreciated!

Thanks Jack

25th Dec 2009, 13:49
You can do so if you find a JAA instructor/examiner. Such do exist, especially in the US. I'm sure there must be some in Canada.

Other than that, You'll have to constrain yourself to a JAA state. I for instance revalidated my Swedish license in the UK. One of the few great things about JAA.

25th Dec 2009, 13:51
You need a License Proficiency check or a new Skills Test, depending on whether the two-year SEP class rating is already expired or not. See LASORS sections F1.4 and F1.5. Both need to be done by a JAA examiner. If you can find someone like that in Canada you can do it in Canada, but I would think that there's more of those around right here.

If you haven't flown for two years following your PPL exam, you should also count on a few hours training to get proficient enough to pass the test.

And considering you didn't know the answer to this question yourself, may I also suggest a bit of brush-up on the theory?:ok:

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