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23rd Dec 2009, 00:08
Just heard that new airline service starting Toowoomba-Sydney linkng 'out West' and Brisbane...Saab's!

23rd Dec 2009, 00:40
Good luck with that. Saab ought to be a top machine for Toowoomba. Especially 'A' models!


23rd Dec 2009, 04:13
Is this REX or a new carrier ? Any ideas of startup date.

23rd Dec 2009, 08:05
Can Saabs land and take off there? Cos Macair used to use Oakley and taxi pax to Toowoomba :confused:

23rd Dec 2009, 08:11
Would it be viable now with all the competition on the BNE-SYD route?

23rd Dec 2009, 08:28
I did Toowoomba - Sydney - Toowoomba back in the ........ late 70's early 80's in a Kingair operated by .......... ahh........... Advance Airlines?

Alpha Alpha Somethingorother?

Single pilot operation back then - even so it was hard to see how it could pay.

Was it AA that put one into the seawall at Mascot?

Dr :8

23rd Dec 2009, 08:39
Maybe MACFLITE with the pretty little hosties.:}

slow n low
23rd Dec 2009, 21:34
Single pilot operation back then - even so it was hard to see how it could pay.

Forkie, I reckon it would pay these days, Woombie is flush with loaded old farts who have made the 'tree change'. :ooh:
Hell even I would use it if a TWB-SYD service was on offer... That drive down to BN is a pain in the a#se.

24th Dec 2009, 03:57
One of the problems that TWB used to have was IFR minimas, which is why Oakey was often used. VFR traffic could sneak into TWB when IFR couldn't break out of the soup. When the ranges were covered with cloud, VFR from the east would go to the south of Toowoomba through the gaps in the hills and circle around to come in from the west with a straight-in approach.

slow n low
24th Dec 2009, 05:51
TWB has an NDB and 2 RNAVS which get to 774ft AGL for circling and as low as 500 odd for the sraight in, seems to be in the ball park as far as minimas compared to other regional appchs. The problem is this place is a cloud factory in winter time, sometimes BKN002 most of the day. Bloody weather!! Ahh well at least the alternate is close by... bout 5 or 6 mins to OK for a SAAB or Dash.

Garn give it a crack so I can send the missus shopping for the weekend..:p

27th Dec 2009, 12:23
In 10 years of operating out of TWB, I missed out getting in less than 5 times. And that was before the new approaches.

29th Dec 2009, 04:03
I haven't seen any "official" announcments regardimg this thread.

29th Dec 2009, 13:13
Could it be Vincent with a SAAB?