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21st Dec 2009, 19:45
question to legality gurus please:
How does it work with registry of airplanes when it's not on operators AOC?

Let's say a leasing company purchased an airplane in the UK and wants to lease it out to another customer in the third country (other than principal business place of the lessor). Will the lessor have to place the aircraft in the registry of his own country or can the aircraft be kept in the previous one? Btw is there kinda state registry of aircraft for owners? How does it work with ferrying the aircraft in terms of registration? I mean the a/c is owned by a lessor and isn't listed in any operator AOC. Is there a temporary permission for a ferry flight to the customer? If so which CAA does issue it? Many thanks in advance :ok:

21st Dec 2009, 22:53
An AOC is required for public transport only. For other flights, the requirements are met by;
1. having the aircraft registered
2. using a properly licensed crew
3. meeting airworthiness and maintenance rules
4. having insurance when required by law (or by an interested financier)
5. observing all other relevant rules, e.g. Rules of the Air, MPNS, RVSM, etc etc.
6. there are probably a few other bits too.................

So, for a ferry flight from factory to customer, it's not necessary for the airframe to be listed on the AOC by its new owner or lessor. It can be on a temporary registration for delivery. AFAIK you don't need a specific clearance from a national Authority for a delivery/ferry flight, provided all the applicable rules are observed.