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Captain Smithy
14th Dec 2009, 17:48
Hi folks,

Looking to visit Inverness in the none-too-distant future, possibly for an overnight stay. My Pooley's gives the landing & parking charges as "Highlands & Islands Airports Rates" but I can't seem to find what they are from anywhere. Couldn't find anything with Google or here on PPRuNE.

Anybody know what I'd expect to pay for a landing & overnight stay in a PA-28?

Also, what's Inverness like as an airfield, ATC, service etc.? Good? Bad?...



14th Dec 2009, 18:04

14th Dec 2009, 18:25
I think its about 15 quid landing and 10 quid a night.

Try and have a look at the departures when planning to up lift fuel. Try and do it just after the rush at lunch time or about 9:30-10:30 or you will have to wait as there is only one refueller on duty.

ATC are a good bunch and friendly in general. Nothing complicated.

If your looking to spot the airport if its running the pulp plant nearby provides the best wind sock in Britain with its smoke stack. And if you look at the Firth coming from the south you will be able to see the black isle in the distance and a jut of land coming out into the firth (this is Fort George usually not below 1000ft near it due shooting range) the airport is between the smoke stack and the jut of land. If the plant isn't spewing smoke up its about 3 miles to the south west of Fort George.

PPR is required and if you give fisbangwallop a call on your way up on scottish info with an ETA you won't have any problems.

Enjoy your visit.

14th Dec 2009, 21:13
I payed 16.13 at Stornoway, Benbecula, and Barra in August.I thing all HIAL are the same. As I'm based at Inverness, I pay a different charge there. If you have a bigger aircraft, it'll be more. If you visit after the vat goes up, it'll be more.

15th Dec 2009, 00:08
Yup - much cheapness. Took a C172 up there a few months ago. 16.13 inc VAT landing fee. Parking is ludicrously cheap at 2.25 per tonne per 24hrs, so (as it's just over the tonne), 9 for 24 hours. Tell them you'll self handle - if it's busy you'll be on the grass apron, if not, you can probably get parked on the apron outside Signature if you're nice about it.

So 25 all in for the overnight, just about the same as the landing fee alone in Aberdeen!

Just pop in the pilots "breifing" room in the portacabin like buildings at signature, fill in the forms with your credit card/switch number, and they pop an invoice out in the post.

And if it's quiet, you'll probably get to put a couple of touch and goes in if you ask nicely when arriving/departing (just be aware of the Fort George danger area to the East).

Simples :)

Captain Smithy
15th Dec 2009, 07:27
Cheers for the info. :ok:


15th Dec 2009, 20:19
HIAL landings are usually in the region of 20.

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