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12th Dec 2009, 18:33
Good evening all...not expecting a huge uptake on this one at such short notice but thought I would try anyway.

Planning on a little jolly tomorrow (Sunday 13th) from Sherburn in Elmet with a couple of friends. Looking to head somewhere within 30-45 flying time that either does good food (sunday lunch is a bonus) or has a nearby pub. Wickenby seems to be the better one I see find with a few things to do there also.

Has anyone been to Wickenby or have any other recommendations???

Happy Flying!

12th Dec 2009, 18:37
I take it you've been to Breighton?

12th Dec 2009, 18:48
Hi DB6, as daft as it sounds I havent yet given how close it is to Sherburn...have only been flying for the last 12 months and have made more of a habit of getting out of the local area as much as I can to grow experience and confidence as much as possible.

12th Dec 2009, 18:50
The food at Wickenby is very good these days, I can recommend it.

There's usually a decent "buzz" at the weekend if the weather is good. The museum is on the first floor of the tower has a collection of WW2 memorabilia and gives you a feel for what the place would have been like in wartime.

12th Dec 2009, 19:05
Thanks GyroSteve...weather has been good this weekend and forecast for tomorrow looks good so lets hope so.

Any other recommendations...not many places have websites so is quite difficult to see if they do food and what they do...fancy something other than the traditional bacon sarny :)

12th Dec 2009, 19:34
Netherthorpe has a good Sunday lunch, just be sure to get a PPR brief.

Bar and Restaurant - Sheffield Aero Club (http://www.sheffieldaeroclub.net/bar_and_restaurant.html)

12th Dec 2009, 20:24
I agree with AndyGB, I went to EGNF last sunday and the lunch roast was truly excellent. Don't order a large one though or you might not be able to take off again.

Check your aircraft performance graphs carefully... the runway is short.

Noah Zark.
12th Dec 2009, 20:34
With the easterly blowing at the moment, EGNF is using 06, which has the slight downhill component. The aircraft were getting off fine style today, no problems at all.
But do check the PPR brief.
The food, particularly Sunday Lunch, is sans pareil!

Fake Sealion
12th Dec 2009, 21:22
Why not check out Sturgate. Not too sure of current food/pub status but a good choice for a potter out and back from Sherbs.

honda cbx
12th Dec 2009, 21:30
hi, i fly out of sherburn and a trip to Sandtoft is a nice little flight, and a brand new runway to check out. They also do a nice sunday roast. cheers

Sir George Cayley
12th Dec 2009, 21:31
Has Sandtoft reopened? Spanking new tarmac runway!

Sir George Cayley

honda cbx
12th Dec 2009, 21:43
Sir George, it was due to re-open yesterday i believe, worth a phone call to check.

13th Dec 2009, 01:23
No food at Sturgate but the pub in the village (1 mile walk) has a pretty good roast for about 6 quid. There are four free bikes to take you there but if you are lucky ask and a lift to and from will be supplied. Be early.
On Saturdays the village chip shop cooks with coal and lard, a bit gritty (that was humour) but recommended.

The Heff
13th Dec 2009, 14:58
I think Beverley is worth a visit, if only for the sandwiches. However, its very cunningly disguised as a field amongst fields, so difficult to find. Although once you have found it its outright obvious.

13th Dec 2009, 15:05
Terry, get over to Breighton - you won't regret it, and you're unlikely to get caught out by the weather. Give yourself an hour or two though, there's a lot to see.
Keep an eye on their events page The Real Aeroplane Company - Breighton Aerodrome (http://www.realaero.com/events.htm) and you'll get in for free as well :ok:.

13th Dec 2009, 18:55
Superb lunch at Sandtoft today. Lovely smooth new runway. Shame about the weather later on.

13th Dec 2009, 19:54
I found Wickenby a bit of a dump personally!

But the food was great :ok:

14th Dec 2009, 21:08
Thanks for all the posts...

Have been to Beverley before and agree the sandwiches there are great and also the atmosphere and friendliness for a small place.

I did venture to Netherthorpe yesterday and while i am very pleased to say I enjoyed the food I was quite disappointed with the atmosphere and as a first time visitor / non member to Sheffield Aero Club rather felt like an intruder if I am honest.

Not meaning to offend anyone and by no means a generalisation but found the people in the club quite rude and they certainly gave off the impression we were not welcome. Disappointing.:sad:

14th Dec 2009, 22:08
I'm sad to hear that, especially as SAC are supposedly trying to expand the membership. There was previously an issue with members of the competing flying school expecting to walk in and use the SAC club facilities for free, (whilst members have to pay to do so by joining the club). However, your landing fee, payable to SAC, allows you permission to use the restaurant. I would like to think that next time you will be made to feel more welcome or the club is shooting itself in the foot. :rolleyes:

Noah Zark.
15th Dec 2009, 00:00
I'm sorry to hear of your experience at Netherthorpe. I am a member there, and although I only get to go there on most Saturday afternoons, the "Saturday afternoon shift" always seem to be to be an affable bunch, from what I have observed, with regards to visitors. You may say I am biased. You may be right! But, should you choose to give EGNF another try, on a Saturday afternoon, and you can let me know in plenty of time, I will do my best to make amends for my fellow club members apparent inhospitable attitude!

15th Dec 2009, 18:29
Eddsfield is a lovely place for a bimble over the moors. Foxhole Village has a couple of options in the pub lunch department. Take a trip round Flamborough head for some great scenery. You have Scarborough and Whitby to the north and the humber to the south. Also i think its one of the cheapest rates there for fuel and only 3.00 landing!!

16th Dec 2009, 10:27
Try Bagby some weekend. (when it dries out). Nice grub cooked by Petra. (You'll need a good appetite to handle her portions). Free landings if coming from Sherburn or a dozen or so other places or if uplifting fuel. Only 5 if not. Glad to see the Barton microlight boys get off the ground the other day after ordering 'breakfast with everything on'.

Noah Zark.
16th Dec 2009, 12:06
(You'll need a good appetite to handle her portions).
:uhoh: :uhoh:

16th Dec 2009, 21:43
Huddersfield Crosland Moor is only a short distance away:}

The Sands House is just a short walk away and the meals and beers (For Pax) are first rate:ok:

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