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12th Dec 2009, 16:21
I am trying to roughly compare the regional aircrafts. The most common regional aircrafts are:
Turbo prop: Q200, Q300, Q400, ATR42, ATR72, EMB120
Turbo-jet: CRJ200, CRJ700, CRJ900, ERJ145XR, ERJ170,ERJ175, ERJ190
I have found fuel consumption for most of them:
Q200: 209 gal per hour
Q300: 167 gal per hour
Q400: 343 gal per hour
ATR42: 209 gal per hour
ATR72: 185 gal per hour
EMB120: 158 gal per hour
CRJ200: 388 gal per hour
CRJ700: 432 gal per hour
CRJ900: -----
ERJ145XR: 274 gal per hour
ERJ170: 434 gal per hour
ERJ175: ------
ERJ190: ------
Does anyone have any idea about fuel consumption of CRJ900, ERJ175, ERJ190? And also does any one have any idea about their hourly operational costs?

13th Dec 2009, 01:44
Your Dash 8 200 and 300 figures don't look right. Dash 8 200 uses about 1100lbs/hour which is close to 167 USG and the 300 uses around 1200 lbs/hour which is about 180 USG.