View Full Version : Limitation of A320 Single Eng on NPA

2nd Dec 2009, 10:42
FCOM 3.01.22 P2b SEQ100 Rev42

Non Precision Approaches with engine-out

I don't understand why it is not permitted to use auto pilot to perform NPAs in FINAL APP, NAV V/S, NAV/FPA, while we can use the autopilot to perform ILS?

what's the difference????


2nd Dec 2009, 11:36
The answer lies in the inability of managed nav to cope with the potential changes in thrust brought about by the autothrust during a managed NPA whereas during an ILS, the ac is locked to a radio beam and thus the nav is not 'managed' nav.


Jim Croche
2nd Dec 2009, 11:44
Just do it in SEL lateral and SEL vertical (Raw Data) without the useless autothrust. You can fly it perfectly well and you're not depending on some programmer having programmed the NPA correctly and your airline having correctly checked the NPA for all possible errors.

In addition you''ll probably feel like a real pilot instead of a button-pusher.

3rd Dec 2009, 13:30
Airbus has now made available a modification to remove this restriction for certain A320 aircraft with a minimum hardware standard