View Full Version : "Federal regulation about no line at forward lav?"

Rapid D
2nd Dec 2009, 02:56
I often hear pilots brief not to form a line at forward lav, or gather or "congragate" (sp?) in forward galley area due to "federal regulations" Can't find an FAR about this. Is this just a post 911 leftover hand-me-down, or is there really such a "regulation". Sure would like to read it. Thanks,


A Comfy Chair
2nd Dec 2009, 03:12
For us it was a TSA directive that we make that PA, not an FAA. Don't know its origin.

Maisk Rotum
2nd Dec 2009, 03:56
Yeh I want to know too coz we brief "due to recent changes in regulations pax are not allowed to congregate bla blah bla" but have not come up with a reference for it.

2nd Dec 2009, 06:51
Aircraft are authorized to provide "x" amount of pax for 'X" amount of lav's by the FAA. This is a conflict.

A Comfy Chair
2nd Dec 2009, 07:04
How is it a conflict? The toilet is able to be used, you are just not allowed to form queues or congregate.

2nd Dec 2009, 16:43
And that makes us safer how?

2nd Dec 2009, 20:47
First class pax, hold your water...the FD crew comes first, then you.
Just the way it is.
We have two forward lavs on our airplane, one is reserved for CC and FD crew.

At our airline, lines are most certainly allowed...but, you better be quick or our FA's will open the door and escort you out...been known to happen, I kid you not.:}
Smoking in the lav?
If found, the FA will fling the lav door open, use the Halon extinguisher and...put you (and your cigarette etc,) firmly out.
Also, been known to happen.:ooh:

3rd Dec 2009, 21:07
Probably a Company SOP considering the Flight Deck proximity.