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30th Nov 2009, 13:22
Anybody knows which is the Cockpit-Ground manual signal to require air start and subsequent actions?


30th Nov 2009, 14:12

In the old days (before APUs), we used the same handsignals to request engine start as CAP 367 shows. The engineers then gave us the external Air Pressure.

When we wanted them to remove the Air Start, we signalled using two pulls down on an imaginary rope hanging from the ceiling and then waved off the chocks using the standard hand signal.

30th Nov 2009, 16:33
thanx a lot, but it doesn't seem coded anywhere i looked now!

1st Dec 2009, 08:38
I dun think there is any regarding an air start.
Although an engine start signal( rotating finger) with a thumbsdown handsignal could signify that.
If all else fails, just open the window and shout out what you want.:)

FCS Explorer
1st Dec 2009, 15:44
dunno 'bout official signal.
but usually: establish eye contact, point to blower and give'em the old Venga!Venga!Vamos!Vamos!-wave with some cranking move in it.
never fails.... :}

1st Dec 2009, 17:00

according to 5.2.3 of ICAO Annex 2 Appendix 1 it is:

5.2.3 Ready to start engine(s)
Raise the appropriate number of fingers on one hand indicating the number of the engine to be started.

1st Dec 2009, 17:22
Always found it best to use a headset when starting
with an air cart.
Saves a lot of confusion and mixed up signals.
And wear and tear on the air start rig!!!