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13th Apr 2001, 04:00
I've picked up on this worrying news that old Franco is now poised to make a return to the industry that he so successfully raped not so long ago.

Lorenzo was a huge financial supporter to Dubbya during his campaign, indeed one of Lorenzo's former deputies, Ross Fischer the chief at Miami Air chartered one of his airplanes for Dubbya to use while campaigning.

Lorenzo's return to the industry was alledgedly, discussed by Bush senior at a campaign rally. Remember the DoT under Clinton /Gore banned Lorenzo from re-entering the industry back in '94 when he attempted to start up "Friendship Airlines" out of Baltimore.

It's the way of the world, especially in Washington, that political favors are granted for "loyal" supporters.

Just watch this space and watch your backs!

dallas dude
13th Apr 2001, 07:08

Only fools and horses would sign up to work for this "winner".

Lorenzo is still a cuss word in the US aviation world.

A whole bunch of folks trying to get on the airline wheel may have been born at night but I doubt it was last night!


13th Apr 2001, 08:39
Hi dallas dude,

Yes I totally agree with you that his name is indeed dirt and I'd well imagine not just in the US. And the very powerful airline unions, whether it's the pilots or the F/A's or the machinists, I think it's safe to say they'll try and educate everybody as to what this guy is like.

But I'll wager there's still a section of potential airline employees who don't know the facts of this guy and before you know it he could have his start up full of eager young pilots anxious to get a foothold.

Imagine if he had been allowed his planned start up in '94? Lorenzo is smart, he knows how to make money at any cost, he flies only good routes and offers to them to the public for peanuts. We could have been in the position where he had made enough money to have a go himself at buying TWA.

Imagine that, another noble airline under Lorenzo's claws.

Rogaine addict
13th Apr 2001, 10:16
Even Satan will not be able to inflict sufficient punishment for what he deserves.

Ignition Override
13th Apr 2001, 11:38
Other than using "junk bonds" to buy and merge airlines, just what airline did Lorenzo ever build? Some in the press or Wall Street called him the airline builder. Continental floundered until its rescue under Gordon Bethune many years after Lorenzo's despicable reign of terror (did Southwest become successful by wielding the steel fist and sword?). Lorenzo's theory of rock-bottom priced labor (with the FAA Western Region's collaboration to allow Lorenzo's companies to cut corners on safety) as the altar in which to wor$hip never built anything except his own wealth and that of his few henchmen.

How does one build an airline by despising even those who cross picket lines to work there and then pretend to build an airline by milking millions of vital cash flow quickly into holding companies, i.e. Jet Capital and/or Texas air Corporation?

Just wait-his defenders, often consisting of ex-military pilots (too naive to realize they were suckers and chumps, duped by their former "mission-oriented" military mindset, to be achieved at the expense of a total loss of any civilian dignity) even civilian pilots, who can't admit that airline pilots are considered "blue collar workers" by their own mgmt (despite uniform white shirts, imitation Navy gold or white stripes and black silk ties), will come out of the woodwork to praise him.

Many crossed striking pilots' picket lines because the lure of the airline pilot image was simply much too strong for their egos and greed to resist (having already failed the dreaded flight physical with another Texas airline, or others).

It is doubtful that many told proud family members or attractive ladies in the bar that "I fly airline jets, but I chose to get hired by a company which pays only about half the present market rate, so I became a scab (my name is on a permanent list)". Many of these scabs march around Newark (KEWR)or Houston (KIAH) etc like little Napoleons, and often stand out because of such self-important body language. Bethune's leadership seems to have demoted the superscab status down to just your ordinary shameful lowest scab rank.

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13th Apr 2001, 20:49
What is most amazing is that scumbag Frank Lorenzo is still alive and kicking.

I do remember hearing about a secret fund being collected to have him killed.
Nothing happened at the time, but it is certainly not too late:

Here is my $100.00.

Men, this is no drill...

Shore Guy
13th Apr 2001, 23:01
If there is an aviation hell, certainly he and Carl Icahn will be the greeters.

Shore Guy


13th Apr 2001, 23:28

Lorenzo knows that there's a sucker born a lot more frequently than every minute. Unfortunately, he's right.

It's desperation, not stupidity, that draws people to the Frank Lorenzos of this world. Keep in mind that Frank will always have the benefit of those locked out by the industry arrogants.

A starving man will grab for the first bite offered. If you don't want the desperate working for him, treat people better. That's a mandate, not a suggestion.

Sadly, the industry is permeated with the "I got mine; F_ _ _ k you" attitude. Hence, Frank won't hurt for people.

If he wants back in, he'll make it. The maltreated will flock to him out of revenge, alone. ComAir may be his impetus. That would make for a great lever on Delta.

Keep an eye on Pan Am.

Ignition Override
14th Apr 2001, 02:20
Very good points, SKYDRIFTER and others.