View Full Version : 744 Simulator For Mac ???

16th Nov 2009, 16:55
Any recommendations for a 744 simulator program that is suitable for a mac ?

16th Nov 2009, 17:04
Welcome to Aerowinx! (http://aerowinx.com/)

Use Bootcamp or Parallels for Mac to run it.

Runs fine on my machine.


Rick Studder
16th Nov 2009, 21:09
Isn't the Aerowinx getting a bit long in the tooth?

What about bootcamp and Microsoft flight sim + PMDG's B747 (http://www.precisionmanuals.com/priv/pages/prod/fsx/744x.html). I was quite impressed by that simulation.

16th Nov 2009, 23:10
The most accurate simulation of the 744 at the moment, is the PMDG one. Comes with a failure menu, and the pmdg menu allows you to choose various customer specific options and so on.

Here two of my screenshots:



PMDG Simulations (http://www.precisionmanuals.com)

In order to run it on mac, you will need to use XP/Vista/Win 7 over bootcamp (standard on OS X), FS9/FSX (FS9 being better if you dont have the most amazing machine)

17th Nov 2009, 01:44
Aerowinx is creating a successor to PS1, called PSX. Will run on anything without boot programs.

Preview pics can be found on the Aerowinx forum if you search hard enough.

The bad news is that the release date is over a year away

17th Nov 2009, 05:09
Thanks gents!