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come fly
16th Nov 2009, 06:01
Does C337 time count as multi engine or single engine time??

I have had different opinions from the authorities, not sure if any knows the truth....

16th Nov 2009, 06:13
Although technically "multi-engine" a C-337 is a Center Line Thrust aircraft which does not exhibit typical multi engine characteristics in the event of an engine failure. It all depends on who you are presenting the time too; however most will not count it as multi-engine.

Capt Fathom
16th Nov 2009, 06:33
Why not check out the Downunder Forum, as there is a discussion (http://www.pprune.org/dg-p-general-aviation-questions/395721-what-c-classes-constitute-valid-m-e-time.html) running there!

16th Nov 2009, 07:13
Isn't there a 'Multi-Engine Centreline thrust' rating ?

16th Nov 2009, 09:18
That is definitely not single engine time.

However pay attention in not having all of your multi engine time in a C337.

16th Nov 2009, 12:36
You can't complete your multi-engine rating in a centreline thrust aircraft, as you have to demonstrate asymmetric thrust recovery and control.

A C336 or C337, however is definitely a multi-engine aircraft, and should be logged as such. It has TWO engines - count 'em - TWO. :ok:

("Conventionally" configured and centreline thrust multi aircraft both fly around with symmetric thrust in their operations, there is no difference in normal operations.)

Spooky 2
16th Nov 2009, 12:58
A number of military aircraft show up as centerline thrust aircraft on certificates of those leaving the military and converting their experince to the civil side. The F4 Phantom is one that comes to mind. Most of those
pilots got the traditional Multi Engine Land rating during their initial airline checkout in what ever aircraft they happened to be in at the time.