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9th Nov 2009, 17:57
Whats a good downloadable g1000 training progam ?

9th Nov 2009, 20:19
Check the Garmin website.


9th Nov 2009, 23:19
done that, couldnt find the gps simulator software they used to have....;)

Vone Rotate
11th Nov 2009, 10:55

When I converted over to the G1000 I downloaded the manual off the garmin website and printed it off. (you'll need plenty of ink)!!

I then brought the mindstar aviation G1000 sim for FS2004.

It is a great bit of kit. Everything I used functions as it should and everything is accurate, unlike the G1000 on FSX. I used to practice holds and NDB/ ILS approaches regularly and all the timings etc worked out the same as in the ALSIM FNPT2 I was training on. Not bad for 30. ish.

It comes attached to a C172 but I found if you fly at full throttle it delivers 138kts which is the speed I flew in the DA42 so it worked out nicely.

For me it was worth its weight in gold.......

11th Nov 2009, 14:25
Got half way through printing it out.....used 3 black inks.......and still not done !!!
Just got the Cessna mustang for FSx ....super g1000.

Vone Rotate
11th Nov 2009, 15:16
Just as another pointer, I used to struggle changing the frequencies with my mouse, just found it a bit of a pain in the a%$e.

If you have or get yourself one of those mice for your computer with a rotating wheel on it and by rotating the wheel it runs up and down the frequencies a treat. Could have saved me hours!

Enjoy the G1000 its a pleasure to fly with on the sim and in the air....:ok: