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Spooky 2
31st Oct 2009, 18:53
I should know this but for the life of me I can document this. Do "both" ADP's run from approximately 60kts to the end of flaps/slat retraction, or does only the left pump run?

Thanks in advance:ok:

gas path
31st Oct 2009, 22:01
Both ADP's will run on the take-off roll and will turn off something like 10 secs after airborne. (Engine failure (bleed loss) and TAC operation).
Both ADP's will run for u/c retraction.
Both ADP's will run for stall protection (autoslats)
One ADP will run in the landing mode from approx. 30ft AGL until a few secs (5?). after the speed brake lever is stowed.
One ADP will run during landing gear extension and flap operation.
Pump operation logic is BOTH in AUTO single pump operation the (HYDIM cards select which pump to equalise wear).
i think!

Spooky 2
1st Nov 2009, 13:10
Thanks Gas Path. Did you find this in your ops manuals and if so, are they a Boeing product?

gas path
1st Nov 2009, 16:53
From my 'crib' notes! Ask maint' for a copy of the AMM part one, that gives a very good D&O:ok: