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28th Oct 2009, 14:50
Primus/Epic FMS

Anybody familiar with this FMS, if so any tips/tricks/shortcuts??


28th Oct 2009, 20:39
My God man, did you post this on each forum??

Get the manual from your training department already and read that.

FE Hoppy
28th Oct 2009, 22:16
Honeywell issue a pilot handbook. It also depends on the software version and Aircraft fit.

NZ7.03 is current on the E-jets but a new load is due in December.

Sir George Cayley
28th Oct 2009, 22:18
Has it got the latest SVS?


29th Oct 2009, 18:01
2FE Hoppy

Any E-version of handbook for NZ7.03 Load 21.4???
Many thanks :ok:

Any ideas what will bring December version......exept of new bugs...:confused:...:p

1st Nov 2009, 02:50
Use them carefully, their concept in not that straight forward like Boeings.

5th Jan 2010, 15:42
NZ7.03 is current on the E-jets but a new load is due in December.

Any one got it????? :rolleyes:

FE Hoppy
5th Jan 2010, 16:51
Any one got it?????

Try Honeywell. :hmm:

5th Jan 2010, 20:16
Register here and download pdf guide:


6th Jan 2010, 00:31
Thanks guys :ok:
Got this:

"Your request for Technical Publications access has been successfully submitted.
You will be notified within two business days. Thank you."

Some faster way?? Interesting in the latest load..I believe it will be 22

Many thanks.

FE Hoppy
6th Jan 2010, 11:34
Which aeroplane are you talking about? E-jet or other?

6th Jan 2010, 14:54

Current load that we have is 21.4 ...
But as you mentioned "...new load is due in December".
I believe it will be 22...so my question was if somebody already have it installed AND .pdf would be rely nice to see.

Thanks for attention. :ok:

FE Hoppy
6th Jan 2010, 17:20
Its load 23 and there is a new FMS pilots guide available now. It's part of the required documents in the airplane library so when you get 23 you will get the new FMS Guide. The new FMS software version is NZ7.1, the previous version is NZ7.03 (nav ident page :ok:). It includes 21 and 23 which is nice and I'm just reviewing it now. I can't distribute it though so please don't ask.

6th Jan 2010, 20:12
2FE Hoppy

It's part of the required documents in the airplane library
Wish our Chief Pilot read this.... :}

unfortunately never seen it ..for any load..

I'v just got access to Tech Pub...but under "NZ7.1" appeared :

"Sorry, no matches found. Please try again."

Any Pub. No. or something that helps to locate load FMS pilots guide Load 23???

So far i seen only :

"Primus Epic Integrated Avionics System for the Embraer 170/175/190/195 and Lineage 1000 Load 21 and Load 23 Pilot's Guide"

and how to get it in .pdf and not in CD???

Thanks for any help :ok:

FE Hoppy
6th Jan 2010, 20:26
- Pilot's Operating Manual P/N A28-1146-179 or other approved manual must be available to the flight crew.
- The Pilot's Manual must match the FMS software version installed in the airplane.

This is straight from the AFM S2-05 page 3.

The latest version is revision 5 which is dated October 09 but wasn't released until the software update in December.

We have a commercial agreement with honeywell for CD rom versions. They require online activation. We used to get printed copies at about $100 a copy for orders of around 500 so you can see that you won't get this for free except on your airplanes.

6th Jan 2010, 20:55
I guess my company use "..or other approved manual must be available to the flight crew."

and we have in it revision 5 Jun30, 2009.

As I mentioned abow we never have a hard copy Flight Management System (FMS) Pilot's Guide. just a chapter in Vol 2 with 70 pgs. ....really few infor.

Well any way I see that it is no way to see it for mi............. :{

At list if you can shear is there some good changes??
- Improved VNAV
- LOC capture
- Performance stuff
- Abeam points
- Distance problem (That still there, even in L21 been promised to resolve)
- Duplication of Way points and so on....... :bored:
and other Pilot interesting

Thanks a lot for your time

6th Jan 2010, 23:49
Pub. No. A28--1146--179

8th Feb 2010, 04:03
Anybody had a chance to play around with Load 23? Just curious what the major changes are. I'm lead to believe it's a significant upgrade affecting a lot of systems.

FE Hoppy
8th Feb 2010, 20:03

check pm

Looks like the load is out for Pentium II jets only at the moment.