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25th Oct 2009, 19:36

can you give me a list of what flavours and smells we can expect in our line operation and what smell those items have: like hydraulics smelling like strawberry?

is there a table?

Thanks so much


25th Oct 2009, 19:52
.... hydraulics smelling like strawberry?

Never heard that before, then again with Skydrol, I suppose anything is 'possible.'
No mistaking electrical in nature.
Ditto...air conditioning smells/smoke...oiley in nature, generally speaking.
Once had a/c smoke fill up the FD so fast I lost sight of the First Officer in about ten seconds.
Ditto with elecrical smoke/fumes...that one was a radar cooling fan.
Others I'm sure will have more 'adventures.'

25th Oct 2009, 20:09
Don't forget the smell of the burning carcass... that's the cabin crew cremating your crewmeal:}.

25th Oct 2009, 20:38
I knew a flight engineer that would turn around and ask me to pull his finger just as we were cleared for T/O. It was amazing how this guy could be prepared for this on most flights, as for the smell it varied.

26th Oct 2009, 08:33
I read somewhere that toxic smokes could smell like orange peels.
Or was it hidraulic? Not sure...

26th Oct 2009, 08:39
Orange peel, that rings a bell somehow... Hehe, the 321 just the other day smelled like rotten eggs some time into the cruise on the flight deck - though I suspect the reason wasn't something one can fix using an abnormal checklist ;)

FE Hoppy
26th Oct 2009, 12:57
On the old Nimrod it was imposible to smell anything over the background hue of 30 years of Puke and Honkers stew!!

26th Oct 2009, 15:27
after a bird has been thru the engine core and out the bleed to the air conditioning, it smells of fish, and if thru the fan and splatted all around the bye pass duct smells of fish as well.

26th Oct 2009, 15:31
I've heard of the smell of fried chicken before (which makes sense considering the perfect temperature of about 200-300 degrees centigrade extracted from the compressors as bleed air, but fish? Have you experienced anything like this in your career? ;)
Incident: Jazz DH8A at London on Jul 25th 2009, rejected takeoff due to fish strike (http://avherald.com/h?article=41d56b1f&opt=0)

26th Oct 2009, 18:19
There will be times when you have to fly closer to active CBs than you would want to. The smell of Ozone from the associated electrical activity is a cross between an electrical burning smell and the smell of burnt gunpowder you get after a fireworks display..

Double Zero
28th Oct 2009, 11:15

Damn I knew you guys are good, but it takes a highly trained pro' to " HEAR the smell of burnt chicken " !

I'd have to dig out the book, but a famous 1930's Test Pilot when asked - I suspect by some reporter he was running out of patience with - reckoned the best sense a Test Pilot could have was a good sense of smell, " So one can tell if the ruddy thing's on fire ! " .

28th Oct 2009, 11:31
I've heard of skunk scent , yet I've never thankfully heard its smell. I think I can tell the difference between my sensory inputs, thank you very much ;)