View Full Version : Maximum Toe brake Force for A320?

20th Oct 2009, 16:34
also please confirm that the max pedal force should be 157 lb.

Thanks in advance!

20th Oct 2009, 19:10
So you are building a simulator ;) - I've seen that number somewhere, but I don't have any papers to back that up at the moment...

21st Oct 2009, 09:01
Yes, I'm.:) I do have document for that, with the override force limit as 157 and normal one around 80 something. Just want to make sure the override one shout be the limit.

I do have some official docs from Airbus, however, this kind of information usually not provided, or at least not in an explicitly way.

Smartcockpit is a nice source, while you can't use search function, since it's scanned docs.

How are you? It's getting cold here. Enjoy!

21st Oct 2009, 12:43
I see! I'm doing fine, thank you very much - its cold here as well, I can tell you that....

A piece of advice: The pedal force isn't awfully important, people rarely practice taxiing in a simulator, and even during normal operations you'd use auto brake most of the time. Verdict - make 'em stiff, but don't worry about the exact numbers... ;)

21st Oct 2009, 13:58
Thanks for the advice! The information I have so far is around 50 lbs. However, people from hardware department need the accurate number, guess it would be used for certification purpose.

It's getting warmer today. But rumor said weekend would be freezing:)

21st Oct 2009, 16:27
50 lbs sound about right, you go to your local gym and leg press 25 kgs, thats plenty for braking ;) The most important thing in your venture is probably how smooth the pedal motion and gradual resistance is, that really gives the most feedback in judging one's manual braking without other motion clues.

Have a good one,

22nd Oct 2009, 09:51
Yes, that's very true and there will be separate control loading test for the toebrake force response. These numbers like the force limit is not provided by Airbus directly, so got to dig it:) for the hardware department people. I'm new to the company, but they told me the full flight sim is selling for 10 million, therefore need accurate number to pass JAA and FAA certification.

Have a nice weekend!

22nd Oct 2009, 10:55
Oh my, so you're striving for Level C or even D certification? Best of luck with that :ok:

I don't have any idea what day it is, lost track of that a while ago - if you say its getting close to weekend...;) You have a great weekend as well :)

Ah, one more thing - have you tried to contact the technical departments at Airbus directly? There ought to be a way to find out stuff beyond the regular publications...

22nd Oct 2009, 13:28
It's level D and I'm just part of the team working on EFCS at the moment. Airbus is slow to respond to our questions and they haven't answer the last one several weeks ago. Guess they either still in vacation mode or just don't want to be bothered for such small details.

Yes, Friday is coming and Saturday would be rain again, hehe:}