View Full Version : GVA start up put off yet again!

2nd Sep 2001, 15:06
The GVA (Guvnors Virtual Airline) start up has now been put off until at least 2003, if ever. This despite low cost carriers being the star of this recession (Sunday Telegraph BA article). When will the self styled Guvnor finally admit it realyy is all bullsh*t? :p

Few Cloudy
2nd Sep 2001, 15:33
Ain't nothing wrong with a virtual airline -

You only get virtual early checkins, virtual slots, virtual missing passengers and virtual delays!

Mind you - you only get a virtual salary too...

The Guvnor
2nd Sep 2001, 15:39
Get your facts straight please, Stop Start - those low cost operators are all domestic/European. The transatlantic market is something completely different! :rolleyes:

Anyone who starts up one of those in a recession is asking for trouble...

2nd Sep 2001, 18:13
Excuses excuses....... :D