View Full Version : Football euphoria spreads to Manchester

Down Three Greens
2nd Sep 2001, 13:31
Nice to see the guy doing the Manchester ATIS last night had a sense of humour.

"....QNH 1013, Runway Damp, Damp, Damp. Tonights football result England 5 - Germany 1. Report information F on first contact with Manchester"

Made us chuckle. Oh and thanks guys/girls for the left hand downwind 24R last night. Just managed to catch last orders!!!!!

2nd Sep 2001, 19:39
That's not humour! That's essential information.

2nd Sep 2001, 19:45
Well done to Manchester ATC.

The rest of Manchester will be just a tad subdued, since the goals were all scored by Liverpool players.

:D :D :D