View Full Version : Filthy KLMuk Fokkers?!?

29th May 2001, 21:46
Whilst at MAN today I saw 2 KLMuk Fokker 100's come and go on the AMS run, and both of them had absolutely filthy tails... not just dirty but black with the filth! Surely part of the advertising and marketing for the airline is the public actually seeing the aircraft, and seeing it covered in c**p isn't going to do their image much good, surely? I suppose the engines are not ideally placed for this on the Fokker (though I am by no means a Fokker expert ;)) but you dont see this on Portugalia/Air France/Other Fokker operators, so I was wondering why KLMuk's planes are so dirty!

G - B P E C

29th May 2001, 22:18
Check the position of the APU exhaust. RHS,base of fin.

12 Scoops
29th May 2001, 23:10
I made the same mistake once - geniuinely thinking that there may be some technical problem, I told a F100 pilot that his bottom was dirty one side but not the other, he's never let me forget it. ;),


Fast Jet Wannabe
29th May 2001, 23:22

I raised this point a while back, look here:


Its the last post on the 1st page and there is a good reply on the 2nd page.