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11th Oct 2009, 18:53
Am booked on a CRI course starting soon. Not really sure what to expect, and what standards of flying is expected. Can someone provide an insight into both the air exercises and groundwork?


Captain Stravaigin
12th Oct 2009, 00:56
It is nearly ALL Groundschool. I think only 3h in the air. I did a wee bit more than that just to make doubly sure of the check ride pass. Most of the emphasis is on communication skills and fault analysis. The emphasis on your own flying skills is fairly minimal.

I did mine at On-Track and found it both interesting and very enjoyable.

Bon Chance !

14th Oct 2009, 09:25
Hi XX621,

I too am interested in the CRI course, although I'm not yet ready to take it. And I'm sure there will be a good many others also interested.

If you do go ahead with the course, I wonder if you can be persuaded to write a course 'diary' for us.


14th Oct 2009, 20:10
If you do go ahead with the course, I wonder if you can be persuaded to write a course 'diary' for us.


Very good idea. I'll try to - but I'm a bit "time-challenged" these days with the CPL theory and the CRI.

If you haven't already seen it, I found these course notes earlier today..


20th Oct 2009, 19:21
Sorry to hijack the thread, but can someone tell me what depth of ground school is covered and indeed knowledge is required (as was asked previously)

I've been revising my PPL books, POH and the Instructor manual (RD Campbell) but do you need to go into POF ATPL level stuff as was mentioned to me a little while ago?

Whiskey Kilo Wanderer
21st Oct 2009, 19:41
Iíve just completed a CRI course at Andrewsfield and would thoroughly recommend it.

My understanding is that it builds on your 300+ hours of PPL flying experience. The idea of the course is to introduce Ďpatterí, analysis of student errors and when to take control.

Ideally your knowledge will be general and deep, but it is not expected to be much beyond PPL level. Certainly the instructors will probe to find out how much you actually know, but that is to make sure you understand the basics. So, if you canít explain adverse yaw, they will show you how.

I suspect that most people who havenít done some form of flight instructor training will find patter and briefings the most difficult bit to master. That said, as a CRI you will not be doing ab-initio training, so you should be dealing with PPL level pilots when you use the qualification.

If anyone is interested in further info, drop me a PM.

Safe Flying,
Richard W.

15th Nov 2009, 12:08
Hello. I have completed the Core course for a CRI and I am interested in the standards and level of understanding required for the final CRI test? How different is it than from a full FIC check ride and what are they focussed on assessing? Many thanks.