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Pugachev Cobra
9th Oct 2009, 23:53
Hello mates!

Sorry if this isn't the right forum for posting this, but I can't think of another one...

This is a merely informative curious questioning.

ATC operational positions have some abbreviations designated to them, like:

ACC - Area Control Center

APP - Approach Control

DEP - Departure Control

TWR - Tower Control

Now, these are all straightforward. But more than often I see two designations for these last 2 positions:

DEL or CLRD - Clearance Delivery

GND or GNDC - Ground Control

I used DEL and GND, and a couple of pilots corrected me emphatically about Clearance Delivery being CLRD, and never saw DEL being used. And also, that GND has the last C, being GNDC. However I keep seeing it mentioned on several sites. For instance, AFAIK liveatc.net only mentions DEL, never CLRD.

But I only see CLRD and GNDC on aerodrome charts.

I've just reviewed ICAO Doc 8400 abbreviations and codes, and there is no mention to any of these abbreviations. Also I glanced at Annex 4, but still no luck.

Can anyone clarify this for me?

Are the two abbreviations correct?

If someone knows about a chart or country which has a chart with DEL and/or GND written for denoting the frequency, please direct me to where I could find it.

Thank you for your time.

10th Oct 2009, 19:04
What about 'Director'? I've seen that a few times, assume it's similar to Approach? (PPL student speaking).

10th Oct 2009, 19:37
In the charts we use, Clearance Delivery is abbr. "DLV" and Ground simply "GND" as you suggest.