View Full Version : B747-4 FMC wind uploads

8th Oct 2009, 11:59
Any tricks to getting enough room in the FMC to take wind uploads on the legs page on long trips. We had 83 wpts yesterday and kept getting MSG that database was full. Only loaded winds at one FL for only about half the trip. Is there a way to work around this?


FCS Explorer
8th Oct 2009, 22:09
a way to clear out a full acars memory is to pull the cb. also works nicely during preflight when it tells you it can't upload the route etc.

9th Oct 2009, 04:38
Reload the winds inflight.

Sir Richard
10th Oct 2009, 10:47
Start by loading the average wind for the whole flight near TOD, then just load winds at the waypoints where significant changes or step climbs occur. A little mental arithmetic may help. Don't forget to load the temperatures as well, that can make a significant difference to the predicted remaining fuel and destination ETA ( more than 20 mins SIN-LHR)

Often I have seen "Route Full" messages when excessive waypoints are required, but never "Database Full" :ooh: