View Full Version : B737 Classics. Cooling the cabin during hot weather turn-around.

Tee Emm
3rd Oct 2009, 10:13
The Boeing Volume One Supplementary Procedures SP.16.17 Hot Weather Operation, gives advice on considerations that help keep the aircraft as cool as possible.
Among other measures it states that electronic components which contribute to a high temperature level in the flight deck should be turned off while not needed.

While I can think of the weather radar and window heat (window heat not strictly electronics?) what other electronics contribute to high temperature level in the flight deck? And what operational considerations are affected when turning off specific electronics on turn-around?

3rd Oct 2009, 11:36
Cockpit lighting, EFB, thats about it. Not very practical if you need them on a quick turnaround.

3rd Oct 2009, 12:17
I guess we must be sans APU and ground conditioning? How long are we stuck there? I once had 3 hrs slot delay in Madrid with BA's finest 737-200 (sans APU, of course) and 36 degrees OAT (and that was on my command check too:mad:). My suggestions:

1) Secure Captain's toupee and any loose paperwork - open both DVs and cockpit door
2) Turn down everything you can (not the stunning lady co-pilot...:)) - eg ALL cockpit lights
3) Cabin temp does bleed into the cockpit, so if there is ANY breeze on the airfield, open 'tactical' cabin doors to get a through flow in the cabin/cockpit. All sun side cabin blinds down.
4) Drink loadsa water and minimise effort:)

If you can find an air-start unit of the jet powered variety, they will run a single pack at a sort of cool setting. Diesel/petrol ones need to be run at high speed and have a limited time available at that..