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Stan 24v
30th Sep 2009, 09:45
Hi guys

Im doing some work with regards to Flight Safety and the importance of having accurate fuel loads, and ensuring discrepancies are investigated thoroughly.

I am after any info on incidents whereby gauges have given incorrect readings and caused a problem which resulted in diversion, crash, abort etc.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.


PS Maybe there should be a separate sub forum for FS Issues???

30th Sep 2009, 10:18
I got one...Flying sub-service for an African Airline in a B-727 w/ fuel gauges in lbs. Flight planning done by host airline, but in French with kgs for the fuel...So far, no problem, right? Any Capt should be able to work that one out...only problem I had come down with a terrible case of "food poisioning" from the night before and probably shouldn't have been flying...So I asked the F/O (who was fluent in French, BTW) to review the Flt Plan and fuel load etc.

When I get out of the can he says all's OK, so off we go...25 min into a 45 min flt we find the destination below min w/ heavy rain...heading for the hold, you guessed it, the FE says we don't have enough fuel...

Straight to the alternate, which also had heavy rain and a spotty VOR approach...1 chance to make it, no need to brief the miss, etc...We made it and #2 flamed out on the taxi in...we didn't even have enough fuel to get the APU started...

Lots of reasons for this near accident, but the biggest one was the flight plan was for a 737, not 727...(The host airline operated 737's exclusively)...

Don't know if this is what your looking for, but for me just one more fond memory of flying in Africa...

30th Sep 2009, 10:22
Stan, I sincerely hope you're not a journalist - your ineptitude in dealing with search engine is astounding and would disqualify you as mediaperson even by today's low standards.

There is subforum for flight safety issues.

Aviation safety network runs database of accident that can be sorted by probable cause. Good starting point would be searching for fuel exhaustion there.

And keyword is: Tuninter.

Stan 24v
30th Sep 2009, 10:42
DownIn3Green (http://www.pprune.org/members/11685-downin3green) - Thanks thats informative and yes helpful

Clandestine - no mate I am NOT a journalist! I am an RAF Technician who is on a bit of a mission with a FS issue which needs dealing with, but I cant say any more than that at the moment. I do not have ineptitude towards using search engines, however I do have an aptitude for speaking to people who might have more knowledge, and even personal experience, than I, and therefore I can gain a better understanding of any issues which may have arisen.

So, on that nore I would still like to hear from anyone who has a specific incident in mind. I wont be using any information directly but will be collating some metrics such as amount of incdents caused by - inaccurate recording, inaccurate measurements, faulty gauges etc.

Thanks for any info.


Stan 24v
30th Sep 2009, 10:55
Downin3green – thanks, that’s interesting and helpful.

Clandestino – No mate I am NOT a journalist. I am a technician in the RAF (look at my other posts about OASC) and am doing some work on a specific FS issue, for which I am trying to glean as much info as possible to help me with my study. The reason I have asked the question on here is because most of the members are, I would assume, pilots/aircrew who may have first hand experience of such issues – as above. I am not inept at using search engines, but with such a plethora of information available on the T’internet it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and laborious!!

So, on that note I appreciate any input which may assist me. I will not be using specific incidents apart from some UK Military ones which I have access to, but I will be trying to collate some data metrics of incidents which have occurred due to such things as:

Inaccurate readings
Inaccurate recording of fuel loads
Faulty gauges – ac and bowser

Many thanks for any input I may receive.


PS I couldnt see the FS subforum???

30th Sep 2009, 11:10
Your link to PPRuNe Safety, CRM & QA section is here. (http://www.pprune.org/safety-crm-qa-emergency-response-planning-93/)

You may want to search aviation safety foundation site. Another keyword is Gimli glider.

Feel free to ask for any clarification.

Stan 24v
30th Sep 2009, 11:13
Thanks for the info

30th Sep 2009, 11:42
Try this link:

Air Accidents Investigation: 9/1981 G-ARBY (http://www.aaib.gov.uk/publications/formal_reports/9_1981_g_arby.cfm)