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22nd Sep 2009, 22:32

I have an Australian PPL and need an instructor who has an Australian instructor rating to undertake my biennial flight review as I wont be back in Australia for a while. Does anyone know of an instructor in the UK who might have an Australian rating?

Any help greatly appreciated.


23rd Sep 2009, 09:08
BFR is commercial ops, so it would need to be done under an Australian training AoC, which would also need to have a training location listed in the UK ... Seems unlikely, but not impossible I guess.

Why not just let it lapse and renew when you get back ? There's no difference in renewing a BFR which has expired vs one which hasn't.

23rd Sep 2009, 09:36
BFR is commercial opsHow over the top can you get for recreational flying?

23rd Sep 2009, 19:49
Maybe too close to the action, but I can't really see any problem with respect to recreational flying.

Almost all instructing conducted under the Australian regs is defined as commercial activity. The fact that conducting the BFR is a commercial activity doesn't make any statement about whether that BFR is to a PPL, CPL or ATPL standard.

A BFR will be done to whatever are the appropriate standards for the licence in question, and a PPL pilot's flying will be measured against PPL standards.

Not sure there's any problem for recreational flying here ...

23rd Sep 2009, 21:49
In the UK any FI or CRI can do a Dual training flight with a pilot for revalidating a SE Piston rating. (PPL to ATPL) No need for training organisations or Operator Certificates, or to be in the same country. Much the same in the US; all seems to work OK without further complication. Does it make it any safer? If not, its unnecessary legislation.

23rd Oct 2009, 14:19
thanks Chaps

Just to clarify, I'm living in the UK now, so no BFR, no licence, no flying.... Wont be back in oz for a at least a year.

Yeah, re the Australian regs, the legislation states that the BFR must be conducted by a qualifed instructor which is defined as one who has a qualification from CASA. Add the AOC issues and it makes it even harder.

Only way forward seems to be just sitting a JAA PPL test. Only prob is due to my low hours, i need to re sit exams etc... But does seem like only way forward.


23rd Oct 2009, 19:32

Both in 2007 when my Australian BFR expired, and earlier this year when it expired again, I tried to find an instructor who could do it in the UK.

I got nowhere - two years ago I did a quick trip to Sydney for a friend's birthday and BFR but this year I couldn't see that happening and did a JAA PPL. I'm lucky in that I had enough hours so could just take air law and human factors and a skills test; you also end up needing the comms exam to get an RT license too (although the CAA will allow an RT license to be issued on the back of an Australian PPL's RT license - and LASORS doesn't mention it at all; and it doesn't seem to be that well known in the licensing dept. either).

My advice is to sort out a license here and do a BFR when in Australia next to keep that alive too - or accept a trip to the southern hemisphere every two years (this is an equally fine, if somewhat time consuming and expensive, option too :ok:).


23rd Oct 2009, 20:25
Not exactly the ideal solution, but howzabout.....

LASORS Section C 1.2 Credits.....

The holder of a current and valid PPL(A)* issued by an ICAO Contracting State (not being a JAA Member State), who has flown a minimum of 100
hours as pilot of aeroplanes, is credited the JAR-FCL PPL(A) flying training/experience requirements, except the PPL(A) Skill Test.

There are theory requirements as well.

Just a thought.

15th Nov 2011, 13:09
Sorry to revive an old thread but the question is the same. I have just been told by CAA that because I don't have a current BFR on my PPL/ME/CIR, the exams exemption doesn't apply and I would have to do the full exams. So short of finding an instructor over here in the UK who could do a BFR, it is the whole set of exams that must be done to convert to a JAA PPL.

On the off chance an Australian CFI who is prepared to do a BFR has arrived since the last post - please PM me!!