View Full Version : DHL-East Midlands

31st Aug 2001, 21:24
Anybody knows What's goin'on at EMA about DHL? I Hanen't Heard much lately... CHEERS! :confused:

31st Aug 2001, 21:34
Refer to the Terms and Endearment section - I already asked that question and got at least one good reply.

Apparently a delay with startup...

Check it out!

1st Sep 2001, 02:23
Yes I know!!!

Loads of bullocking going on there.
And most of us know by who!!!

They are starting up an moc departement there very soon. The offices are almost ready.
Most of the engineering guys had there 757 course.
There's also a rumour going on that heavylift will setup a line station over there.
But in aviation u never know