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Captain Stravaigin
14th Sep 2009, 04:50
I have just landed (I hope !) my 1st job teaching PPL theory at a Flight School. The Text used appears to be Trevor Thom - I wonder if there are any Powerpoint Slides or Teaching Materials that accompany the Textbook or whether any one can recommend any other suitable source ?

If it works out OK I hope to get some Flying Instruction also in due course.

I plan on using You Tube and a Model Aircraft (hopefully I can find one with decent movable controls) as supplementary Props. I would also like to give my Students a hard copy of the lecture notes to supplement the text book and which they can write on during the lecture.

All the classes are likely to be given at the Student's place of work, so nowhere near an airfield.

Grateful for any advice as teaching Flight is new to me.

14th Sep 2009, 07:30
Apologies in advance if you already know the following but you may like to consider it anyway:

Your primary document to begin lesson planning should be the appropriate authority’s/FTO’s ground school syllabus - teach the syllabus and not a particular textbook.

I am unaware of any PowerPoint presentations or supplementary material associated with Trevor Thoms products. You may have to create a lesson plan and then create your own PowerPoint presentation scanning and inserting appropriate diagrams from relevant texts etc. It makes sense that the students see in lectures what they will be reading and studying but I will leave the copyright issue up to you.

There is some excellent information available from the FAA website Handbooks & Manuals (http://www.faa.gov/library/manuals) which is easily transferred to a PowerPoint presentation.

Having created your PowerPoint presentations your printer selections should include options for handouts, note pages and outline views. Although I believe in handouts and note taking during lectures in principle, be careful that your students don’t spend too much time writing when they should be listening and contributing to class discussion.

For audio visual aids I know that You tube has a lot of useful aviation type presentations but I strongly recommend that you consider their relevance to the syllabus. You are to educate and inform rather that entertain. Jeppesen has some DVDs available which support their products but could be used to supplement or reinforce the more basic generic knowledge, principles of flight, weather, technical etc. Each topic is around 10 minutes in duration so they can be usefully inserted into a period of instruction. There are some useful online ASF courses sourced via the AOPA website AOPA Online: Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (http://www.aopa.org) which could be used for student review. Once again, ensure what you recommend fits your syllabus.

Take some field trips out to a local airfield where there is much too see and discuss. Have the student create a “what to see and discuss list” so your trip can be guided and planned within limits.

Welcome to the ground school instructor club, I hope you enjoy the work.

Captain Stravaigin
15th Sep 2009, 00:57
That is really useful - many thx 4 the reply !!


Joliet Jake
18th Sep 2009, 06:10
Try Pooleys. They offer superb CD/DVD's and other training aids.

20th Sep 2009, 10:02
I could do some power-point presentations for you but I doubt if my grammar (especially conjugation of verbs) would be up to your high standards :rolleyes: