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9th Sep 2009, 18:17
After some discussion of airlines which have disappeared from UK skies on the forum recently (Gill, Caledonian etc), thought, just for fun to see which airlines you'd like to resurrect?

I'm a fan of the old fashioned charter scene, so here goes:

Caledonian - the uniform, the traditional service and the tartan!:cool:
Ambassador - could have been a decent niche carrier?
Air Scandic - variety.....:ok:

plus a few others:

Gill Airways - nice to see a proper independant regional
Brymon Airways - reputable, reliable and served a good selection of routes.

9th Sep 2009, 18:23
Court Line :ok:

Miniskirted hosties, early mornings at Luton, those colours!

9th Sep 2009, 18:49
Must be Dan-Air !!! A great Airline as far as I am concerned.

conti onepass
9th Sep 2009, 18:51
caledonian. nothing more to be said

9th Sep 2009, 18:52
Ansett and Swissair!

9th Sep 2009, 19:01
Ryanair......think about it.

When they started out, they had crews who spoke English :bored:

Mr Angry from Purley
9th Sep 2009, 19:31
BIA First Job

Night shifts, who had that British Airtours Flag i wonder.
£10 to the States, on the Hadj "bombing" Idi Amin in the Sands Hotel Pool
Great Cabin Crew, Jumpseats on the DC10

BCAL (only for the cabin crew the job was crap)

The Flying Club. Everything

Al Ramli doing a 0600 PMI then 2300 PMI. 737 G-NAFH (Not A F...ing Hope of getting it flying in time post AE collapse)

A320 G-HAGT Hit And Gone Tech on it's first flight. Getting out before the DC10 arrived maybe

AIRTOURS the old - Hard work Great memories


Little Blue
9th Sep 2009, 19:34
British Midland...:(:(

9th Sep 2009, 19:36
Britannia! IMO Best Charter Airline in History!

9th Sep 2009, 19:49
i'll second that!

9th Sep 2009, 20:12
AirUK ! great crews, great fun!

9th Sep 2009, 20:15
Air Scandic
Old Airtours
Air Ops

I'm too an old fashion charter boy despite still be young (30), whilst some of the above were shite, my god, a day never went by without something happening. The excitment and shear hard work of everyone working together (15hr shifts and not moaning) all because they loved what they did despite the crap they put up with. Interesting flights, relaxed atmosphere and a time when i actually felt appreciated.

Nowdays, unions, laws, low morale, uninterested staff, lack of service and boring days. God i sometimes prayed that something would go wrong, purely to make the day interesting. Nothing like a touch and go tech delay, re-arranging loads of stuff, aircraft changes etc.
By far the most enjoyable time working within the airlines and feeling proud to wear the uniform.

9th Sep 2009, 21:32
British Eagle. The old airlines are the best

9th Sep 2009, 21:36
Air Manchester.

non iron
9th Sep 2009, 21:58
Air UK.

Absolutey normal to go off-duty in Jersey straight to the flying club bar for a cool libation without changing clothes.

9th Sep 2009, 22:01
BRITISH Airways!!:D Ok, only joking...Air Contractors 727/Airbus fleet:ok:

Travel Agent
9th Sep 2009, 22:28
Paramount, flew them twice during the short history and they were very good...... and Dan Air, Air Europe and Air UK Leisure for charters.

Sabena and Eastern (USA) scheduled carriers.

9th Sep 2009, 22:30
Well, if it would make me 15 again (so that I could do things over again a little differently - but not much)

BKS (Ambassadors)
Silver City (Daks and Bristol 170s)
Dan-Air (Daks and Doves)
Starways (Daks)
Mercury Airlines (Herons)
Skyways (not Coach Air but the Connie operator)
and our local outfit, Tyne Tees Airways (Daks and a Rapide)

Ahh - nostalgia !

9th Sep 2009, 22:34
Braniff International...BI:)---the Big Orange....LGW-DFW...multi-coloured planes and some lovely Texan hosties...and even the Concorde---flew on her twice DFW-BWI...outstanding

9th Sep 2009, 22:35
I would agree, Danair and AirUk. I liked Danair is was an interesting airline, interesting aircraft and good little network.

AirUK was one of my favourites especially the network from STN!

I also liked Manx Airlines and what about British Airways Regional!!!! Ie BA presence back in the regions!!! Now that comment could cause a stir on here.


9th Sep 2009, 22:40
Hooters Air :cool:

9th Sep 2009, 22:42
DC9-32 said re. Ryanair:

When they started out, they had crews who spoke English

.....with a heavy Romanian accent, if I remember correctly.

non iron
9th Sep 2009, 23:40
Stn Air UK was exceptional.

l was upstairs, looking directly down onto the aircraft outside, having a leisurely fag when l noticed a sprightly old couple fretting on their way by looking for their gate.

"the second screen says it`s over there. Are you sure ? Unless it`s back there. l need the loo. You can`t, we`ll be late"

Excuse me, your gate is there. The loo`s are just over there and don`t worry l won`t go without you.

A lifetime away, and will never happen again.

9th Sep 2009, 23:44

I'd love to bring back the young & fun airline that was cut down in its prime!

10th Sep 2009, 07:30
Go. Whether it was a flawed business model or not, you certainly got the feeling it was a Lo-Co with heart - assigned seating, staff who gave a damn, and an overall feel of a company that wanted to be different. A shame it was ultimately seen as a cash cow, I think there's still a place in the market for at least one low-cost airline that's not FR - and not EZY either.

10th Sep 2009, 07:31
Air UK
Air Europe
Capital - I loved those stripey 360's & 146's

10th Sep 2009, 08:03
I would love to see the dragon in the sky ,Cambrian Airways, the happiest airline,why because we had the best looking girls in aviation

10th Sep 2009, 08:05
Ansett - so that I could stay that extra 18 months to get my long service leave out of them...hehehe

10th Sep 2009, 08:08
I agree with Travel Agent!
Paramount Airways were a great operation but I am bound to say that as I worked for them!

10th Sep 2009, 08:15
Cambrian - get outfit which should have been left alone by London Airways!

Union Jack
10th Sep 2009, 08:29
Before my time, but I suggest Imperial Airways - preferably with Empire flying boats!


10th Sep 2009, 09:21
BWA .. when the empire started at Southend
EuroDirect .. where Neil Handsford taught everyone at BOH the value of adding swear words into every F@''''g sentence

10th Sep 2009, 10:40
The pioneering and cheerfully coloured Court Line.

10th Sep 2009, 10:41
Treffield Aviation

10th Sep 2009, 10:47
Capital - I loved those stripey 360's & 146's

Yeah what a memory. The 2 146s were reg

They flew from memory to Dublin, Belfast City, Leeds Bradford, Gatwick and Luton.

They connected each of DUB LBA BHD LTN to each other except LBA didnt go to LTN but instead a route to LGW!

DUB BHD was short lived as it was just new when the airline folded. It was only 20 quid each way!! Capital were head to head with Ryanair on DUB LTN.

I also loved the SH6 and still do but so rare to see one about.


10th Sep 2009, 11:04
BIA Blackpool.

The Connie

10th Sep 2009, 11:23
Dan Dair. BCal.

And I remember my two flights on BEA with fondness as well.

no slots
10th Sep 2009, 11:27
Invicta Airways. DC4,DC6,Vikings then Vanguards and a B720.Childhood memories of picknic's near 29 threshold waving at the crews and passengers who always waved back. No security arresting you in those days and Manston was pretty busy.:)

10th Sep 2009, 11:36
TWA (more of a class act than Pan Am in later years)
Scot Airways (before the CityJet makeover)

10th Sep 2009, 11:40
Gill Airways for me!!!

10th Sep 2009, 11:45
VIRGINwhen it was and only had six a/c

10th Sep 2009, 12:29
Add to BKS,Northeast(Tridents & Viscounts)
And BKS/Cambrian British Air Services.

Nostalgia isn't wot it used to be!!:ok:

10th Sep 2009, 13:16
http://cdn-www.airliners.net/aviation-photos/small/8/6/8/0178868.jpg (http://www.pprune.org/photo/Capital-Airlines/Short-360-300/0178868/&sid=47c80c224322498cf38eb9e924d6bf6d)

And here is a nice photo from Capital airlines and a BA BAC 1-11 in the background!

10th Sep 2009, 13:52
How about a couple of cargo airlines:

Air Bridge Carriers - Argosy, Vanguard, Viscount
Midland Air Cargo - Bristol Freighter

10th Sep 2009, 14:12
Air Wales from the 1980's who flew 737's & 1-11's
European - again 1-11's
& British Midland (pre BMI) when it really did offer the "Diamond Service"!

steve wilson
10th Sep 2009, 14:52
Orion Airlines definatley. My first ever flight was onboard an Aviogenex Tu134. The service was non existent and it was very uncomfy. The next year I flew with Orion and it was worlds apart. The cooked breakfast they served was the nicest hot food I have ever had onboard an aircraft.


10th Sep 2009, 15:06
Manx Airlines..in the days of the sovereign service down to LHR with boiled sweets for landing :cool:

10th Sep 2009, 15:06
I definitely wanna see AirUK back again. Was on one of their first flights ZRH - STN, 2 cabin crew, 1 passenger. Boy that was a party !! Are you girls still out there, Jill and Caryn ? :O

btw was as well the only check-in where they told me I was overweight when - clearly - it was the luggage, not me...

Waiting at the gate for above flight was bizzarre too. I've never been the only bloke at a gate in my life (...for a flight that really departed from that gate !!) !

10th Sep 2009, 15:36
CityFlyer Express (the original) :ok:

10th Sep 2009, 15:57
Those 12 seater J31's with a full meal service served course by course right up to the liqueurs served with coffee from a proper pot.

10th Sep 2009, 15:59
its taken this long before i mmention Air 2000. god they were the beez neez in their day. and the hosties, they were all just lovely - jane partlin where are you now - beautiful blonde yorkshire girl from todmorden. memories........

10th Sep 2009, 16:17
Pan Am...what a history, with names like Charles Lindberg and Juan Tripp.
Then there was Eastern and Eddie Rickenbacker. Both great early pilots and airlines. Sadly history wasn't enough..."your only as good as tomorrows successes...not yesterdays".

10th Sep 2009, 16:26
Those oh so seventies coloured Viscounts of Alidair especially the 700s with the big oval doors and cockpit window bars

Sunday evenings at Stansted with SAS DC8s and 9s, Conair 720s, Maersk etc.

Memories of the Scandinavian pronounciation of Sunjet

Transmeridian ( and briefly BAF- could that ever have worked!) CL 44s swinging their tails- Kilo Kilo and Victor Foxtrot callsigns

Sudflug DC7s at Luton on a Sunday afternoon

10th Sep 2009, 16:28
Air Wales, Great To Know Wales Had Their Own Airline, Nice To See The Dragon On The Aircraft.

Charter Airline - Britannia Airways (Before Thomsonfly), Great Service That Realy Made The Flight Part Of The Holiday And It Was Always Nice Having Lady Britannia Sat On The Rear Of The Aircraft :)


VFR Transit
10th Sep 2009, 16:30

10th Sep 2009, 17:22

Humberside's biggest ever scheduled supporter!


10th Sep 2009, 17:23
Orion Airways, British Caledonian, Caledonian and Braniff.

10th Sep 2009, 17:38
VIRGIN when it had only THREE Aircraft!!!!!!!!!

10th Sep 2009, 19:09
European, obviously. Didn't appreciate how much fun it was before it finally fell over.
DanAir too of course. Bless them for letting me play with god's own aeroplane.
In fact...most of the airlines I've worked for...

Lord Bracken
10th Sep 2009, 19:44
British Airways in about the 1999-2001 timeframe. Service standards and amount of premium traffic was just about the right balance. BA even reconfigured a few 747s with 100 J seats after Concorde was grounded, such was the demand.

10th Sep 2009, 20:02
Morton Air Services ...the sound of the Dak starting up on the night freight runs - ah those were the days....

10th Sep 2009, 20:46
Airways International Cymru and their B737-300, B737-200's and not forgetting the BAe 111-300's.

Then of course Air Wales

10th Sep 2009, 21:10
Air Europe.........superb airline.....

Dash-7 lover
10th Sep 2009, 21:23
Brymon Airways - goes without saying! Also Air UK and Capital. Remember being at work the week that Capital went when we heard that they'd started paying their landing/handling/fuel fees at Jersey with cash! - not a good sign. Oh and not forgetting Paramount and Air Europe Express with the Fokker 100's (or was it Air Europe?)

10th Sep 2009, 21:39
Air Wales.....Proper welsh airline :ok:

10th Sep 2009, 22:07
Debonair, ceased operations in 1999. Operated a BAC 1-11 (RomBac I think) out of LGW to Spain and France.
Debonair (airline) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debonair_%28airline%29)

Flitestar, South Africa's first competitor to SAA on long haul routes,
Flitestar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flitestar)

Nationwide, another excellent SA carrier who were doing well until they started operating single engined 737's out of CPT! Landing was a remarkable piece of airmanship which I missed seeing by less than an hour.
Nationwide Airlines flights (http://www.southafrica.to/transport/Airlines/Nationwide-flights/Nationwide-flights.php5)

11th Sep 2009, 02:33
Euro Direct Airlines

Operating ATP, J31 from Bournemouth, Exeter, Gatwick and Humberside

11th Sep 2009, 03:23
British World Airlines

Leaping Lion on the tail. Guy at Prestwick asked why they have a sheep on the tail while I was picking up new type.

He was BAe executive. Now Sir ......... ........

No I can't possibly divulge. Mike you owe me a beer

11th Sep 2009, 06:11
Princess Air.

Dramatic pink livery. First operator of 146QC - highest utilised 146 in the world for 3 straight months. More complementary letters from passengers than I'd ever seen before (and since). Great fun while it lasted. F**ked by Bae - then they wonder why they didn't sell many QC's?

11th Sep 2009, 06:12
Mediterranean Express :ok:


11th Sep 2009, 06:45
While I never flew with this airline I did quite like their colour scheme- World Airlines at London City. I think they had a sunflower on the tail.

11th Sep 2009, 08:33
I forgot to put this in my previous post..

The best charter airline I ever flew was EXCALIBUR (Airbus A320) great service & seat pitch, not to mention a fabulous livery.

11th Sep 2009, 09:15
It has to be Dan Air, great people, great network. they could have gone on to great things if they'd been able to hang on a bit longer...and hadn't been nobbled by BA, like Air Europe before them.

11th Sep 2009, 09:19
Busy Bee

...for those lovely blonde scandihooligan ladies in their red military style uniforms. :E


Great flying on their Boeing 717 pocket rockets.

11th Sep 2009, 09:24
Dan Air

Need I say more

11th Sep 2009, 10:48
British Midland!!!

11th Sep 2009, 11:09
As Gleno says....... Air Europe........simply superb.

Mrs GGR was CC at MAN from day one to the bitter end.


11th Sep 2009, 11:37
Nationwide S.A. and GB Airways for the proper service and friendly crews
Court Line purely for nostalgia.

11th Sep 2009, 11:45
Duo formed from what was Maersk UK. The service was second to none they had great aircraft and smart, modern livery. Bookings were really picking up too when it collapsed. Traveled with them many times in their short existence.

11th Sep 2009, 12:56
Interflug.........very unusual.

11th Sep 2009, 14:27
Air Anglia - used to love those flights out of NWI to AMS - it was our own little escape route to the big bad world outside of sleepy Norfolk...

Nowadays any Tom, Dick or Harriet can jet off from anywhere but those flights from Norwich always felt like the best kept secret in Norfolk....:}

11th Sep 2009, 15:47
I have a soft spot for Air Europe. Travelled with them from MAN to MCO way back in the late eighties on a B757 which, in those days was trail blazing. 6 hours and 20 minutes from MAN to Bangor then 3 hours from Bangor to Orlando. The standard of service was excellent, way higher than what you would dare to expect today.

Stone Cold II
11th Sep 2009, 15:51
Bring back Air Wales, my first job.

11th Sep 2009, 16:25
Definitely PSA!!!! (pacific southwest airlines)
Being a pilot from San Diego...this would have been my number one choice!!

11th Sep 2009, 16:43
and whod have thought flybe was grown from SPACEGRAND, your local airline. with midget hosties for the twin otters.

11th Sep 2009, 17:27
My Canadian relations reckon Wardair.

They were better than the scheduled competition at the time.

Brakes to Park
11th Sep 2009, 17:52


11th Sep 2009, 17:58

I Miss Them :ugh:

11th Sep 2009, 18:55
Aeroflot and their TU134's, TU104's at Terminal 2 EGLL :eek:

11th Sep 2009, 19:34
What about Air Israel:


....I'll get me coat!

11th Sep 2009, 19:49
Air Anglia
Eastern Airways no 1.
Peregrine Aviation (not strictly an airline)
Gill Airways
Air UK
Caledoneon Airways
Dan Air
Air Europa

11th Sep 2009, 20:09
If any of these airlines were brought back, would the travelling public notice? Are the brands not too old and forgotten to be of any value?

Caledonian appears alot, but the brand was last used in the dim and distant past as a charter operator, and BCal disappeared in 1988, do the brands still carry enough weight to have a relevance today?


12th Sep 2009, 01:57
A very interesting question.

I guess this forum is pushing emotional responses because we all work or have a passion for the industry so to actually consider which airline would benefit the public again, or resonate with the public it becomes more difficult. They all disappeared for a reason after all!

I would say that the following UK airlines from a brand equity/power perspective could come back and be loved again:

Dan Air
Air Europe
Air UK

ps: I miss Jersey European Airways F27's

12th Sep 2009, 06:46
Ok, going to show my age now :mad:

Air Spain with my cousin the DC8's
BMA Viscounts and DC9-10's
Germania BAC1-11's
London European Viscount
Altair Caravelle's
Air Bridge Vanguards (2300 to Dublin from Luton - superb sound)
Aviaco stretched cousins again !

Voodoo 3
12th Sep 2009, 07:04
XL - a year to the day since we went under!! :{:{

12th Sep 2009, 13:13
Laker Skytrain!!!!!

12th Sep 2009, 15:50
Flying Tigers and CP Air. What a fantastic colour scheme
CP had.

12th Sep 2009, 18:45
Flying colours and Go!

12th Sep 2009, 19:25
Yes DC-9-32, those Altair Caravelles but not forgetting their DC-8s. Talking of DC-8s- Air Spain in those wonderful colours. What about Channel Airways Golden Viscounts and Invicta Vanguards doing MoD flights to Dusseldorf and Lourdes Pilgrim flights. Plus Sterling Caravelles in their droves at Luton in the 1970s.
Going back even further Spantax DC-7s and SAM DC-6s at Gatwick with the Wardair B727 coming all the way from Canada!

Cool Wavy NG738
12th Sep 2009, 20:55
Just thought I'd mention British Air Ferries -I loved working with, and flying around on those wonderful Rolls Royce Dart powered Viscounts and Heralds (I can still close my eyes and hear the whine of those turboprops). :cool: Plus my first job in ops from school - great:)

Great flights on them plying back and forth to/from the Channel Islands on Summer weekends in the early to mid 1980s, Ostend, Basle, Milan and Lourdes to name but a few places.

13th Sep 2009, 11:23
My twopenn'orth:

Air Anglia
Knight Air
Aviogenex (are they still around ?)
Manx Airlines circa 1990s
Britannia Airways
Dan Air

In other words, the good old days.

13th Sep 2009, 11:24
Air UK

Britannia should never have gone, Its all in the name...

13th Sep 2009, 11:56
definately BY...in the days of Royal Service, flight to Oz and South Africa, everyone who worked there was sooo proud.....not like Thomson Airways today

13th Sep 2009, 14:38
Let's be controversial

British Airways

Bring back BA from the days when

You got full service in the economy cabin
You were dealt with by BA staff from arrival through check-in, boarding, travel & arrival
If they overbooked and the flight was full they put on another aircraft as a back-up
There was a regular, almost hourly service from the regions, to heathrow & gatwick
It didn't cost you an arm & a leg to use BA
Nothing was too much trouble as there was a real customer service ethic at all levels in the organisation.
If, god forbid, your luggage went missing or something went wrong with your travel plans, BA sorted it out for you & made sure that you were happy before you left the airport
BA seemed to have the belief that they should provide a service to Britain first then the rest of the world

13th Sep 2009, 16:24
Donkey I like your idea but those days are sadly long gone and don't look like returning any time soon :{

rvsm compliant
13th Sep 2009, 18:01
BIA...Blackpool..Herald.... and the great pullman table first row:ok:
Danair............ comet 4c...( my first ever flight aged 12yrs):)
AirUk...............F27,F50,F100,and the great Bae146:D
Genair.............with the excellent service from NWI to HTW SD360:D
Laker..............Cheapy flt to LA.:)

13th Sep 2009, 18:44
with the Wardair B727 coming all the way from Canada!
I rode on this 727 in the summer of 1968, Gatwick to Vancouver with a fuel stop at Sondrestrom, Greenland (aka Kangerlussuaq or Bluie West Eight). Wardair loaded very pleasant catering on these charters and became known for it, along with crews to match. The same crew operated right through, London to Vancouver.

Paxed last December on BA nonstop London to Vancouver, looking at the moving map as we approached the Greenland west coast there were just a couple of pale lights way down there, which brought the memories back.

13th Sep 2009, 20:49

Great to fly with, brilliant service and staff and exceptional value,
Pity they weren't able to make it.
My heart went out to all when the announcement of suspension of services was made.

monkey lover
13th Sep 2009, 21:07
Air2000 when they had the red n gold colours...

13th Sep 2009, 22:34
It has to be Britannia - they were top class.

Not a bad name either!:ok:

Let's be controversial

British Airways

Bring back BA from the days when:

You got full service in the economy cabin

You were dealt with by BA staff from arrival through check-in, boarding, travel & arrival

If they overbooked and the flight was full they put on another aircraft as a back-up

There was a regular, almost hourly service from the regions, to heathrow & gatwick

It didn't cost you an arm & a leg to use BA

Nothing was too much trouble as there was a real customer service ethic at all levels in the organisation.

If, god forbid, your luggage went missing or something went wrong with your travel plans, BA sorted it out for you & made sure that you were happy before you left the airport

BA seemed to have the belief that they should provide a service to Britain first then the rest of the world

Here here! BA were once one of the best airline on the planet (before the days of SQ and QR their current state.) They were first with the flat bed in C and set the standard for some time.

Those days will never return...:ugh:

Captain Caveman
14th Sep 2009, 07:19
For me it has to be the old Birmingham Executive and "BEA"

BHX-NCL on a Gulfstream 1 - priceless

BHX-CPH on a 1-11-400 - brilliant!


14th Sep 2009, 08:59
Donkey497: If they overbooked and the flight was full they put on another aircraft as a back-up

I presume you're talking about the GLA/EDI/BFS Shuttle?

I worked on the BOAC check-in desk at LHR in 69-70. There was a period in Summer 1970 when for ten straight days there was not a single empty seat on a US-bound departure. Every flight left several customers behind. No compensation, no care & attention, they were simply told 'come back and try again tomorrow'.

15th Sep 2009, 14:21
Zoom Airlines. First flying job and so far the best! Sorry to the think the big blue birds will never fly again. Sigh.

0523 cov man
15th Sep 2009, 15:28
thomson fly jenus airways venture airways gen air baf .
0523 covman

15th Sep 2009, 15:34
And of course, Kitty Hawk Aircargo !

15th Sep 2009, 15:39
I would bring back SABRE, miss those 727 hurtling down the runway!

15th Sep 2009, 19:24
I loved their old BAC 1-11's and Boeing 727's. I never flew in their Comet's would have been an experience I am sure.

16th Sep 2009, 07:26
Who amongst you lot out there has flown on the most defunct airlines?

16th Sep 2009, 08:30
I counted 15 without over-exerting my brain cell(s)

I'm sure others would do far better.

16th Sep 2009, 14:12

A great company to work for, professional service, fantastic crew and a slick operation. Sad it didnt turn out for the best.

Monty Gordo
16th Sep 2009, 16:51
My first-ever flight and it was a Comet with Dan Air working for MATO (Midland Air Tour Operators) the concern from which 'Deadly' Doug Ellis of Aston Villa fame made his pile.

Fantastic experience just getting on the plane, window seat what could be better. My thoughtful wife handed me some reading material, I think it was called 'Great Disasters of the World'.

I opened the pages and there staring at me - the Comet disasters!!!

A quick check, this one did not have square windows. phew!!!

Trident man
16th Sep 2009, 18:55
I t has to be...................


With Trident's naturally.:ok:

16th Sep 2009, 19:42
1. Skyways - for their Fairchild Hiller FH227 (Fokker F27 lookalikes..G-SKYA, G-SKYB)

Not many airliners that fly down wind with the main gear lowered and the nose wheel still retracted - as a standard mechanism of decaying airspeed. It always looked strange! But I miss it!

2. And of course Channel Airways, for their motley bunch of aircraft, cunning use of Continental's colour scheme, two 748 overruns on the same day - landing on the wet grass at Portsmouth... and I think the highest seat density Tridents ever flown! Oh and the Stansted Comets too!


Buster the Bear
16th Sep 2009, 20:03
Britannia Airways!

Chiltern Airways HaHaHaHa!

16th Sep 2009, 20:27
BCAL and Air Europe rate very well for me. Both were excellent at onboard service. Anyone other than me remember the AE hot breakfasts on LGW-PAR on a 757? It was a much loved service.

I am surprised that anyone has mentioned the Trident. Most pax wished that they had an alternative. It was a horrible noisy and very cramped machine. If you sat at the back auto-approaches were an extremely noisy experience.

Le Tirer
16th Sep 2009, 21:24
Who amongst you lot out there has flown on the most defunct airlines?

At least 10:
Airtours, Danair, Air Sarnia, BCAL, Flightline, European Air Charter, Buzz, British World, GB Airways, Malta Air Charter

Do Air 2000 (now First Choice) and Thomsonfly (now Thomson Airways) count?


16th Sep 2009, 21:37
What about Debonair from Luton? On a 146?

Luton to Paris Cergy Pointoise!

16th Sep 2009, 22:55
Who amongst you lot out there has flown on the most defunct airlines

Silver City Airways
Transglobe Airways
Dan-Air Services
Caledonian Airways
British Caledonian
Trans World Airways
Eastern Airways
Pan American World Airways
British European Airways
Ansett Airways
Australian Airlines
Air 2000
Court Line Aviation
Excel Airways (XL)
Britannia Airways
Air Europe

Some of the above airlines were absorbed by others but non are still flying.

17th Sep 2009, 00:45
My 6 Are:)

1. Alidair With there viscounts
2. ABC With there Argosy
3. Orion With there 737s
4. Transeuropa With there Caravelles
5. Spantax With there Coronado.
6. Brymon With there Twin Otters.....

17th Sep 2009, 02:23
B.Cal helicopters:)
Eastern Airlines
Pan American
Dan Air


non iron
17th Sep 2009, 05:32
Mooncrest, you are absolutely right so comment deleted.

17th Sep 2009, 08:56
BCAL(BR) in First Class. Happy memories of flights HKG - LGW. Never had such generous measures of malt as on those flights.

Air Commuter / Venture Airways CVT-PAR. A happy little band of people who made flying fun. Once did an ex CVT sector on a Viscount with only 6 pax on.

17th Sep 2009, 08:59

I think discussion of this incident is going a little off-thread but I'll try. I did work for Knightair but I joined in 1996, after said incident, so I don't know the circumstances all that well. There's probably an AAIB report out there somewhere on the web. Agreed, there were no survivors.

17th Sep 2009, 11:06

Donkey497: If they overbooked and the flight was full they put on another aircraft as a back-up
I presume you're talking about the GLA/EDI/BFS Shuttle?

I worked on the BOAC check-in desk at LHR in 69-70. There was a period in Summer 1970 when for ten straight days there was not a single empty seat on a US-bound departure. Every flight left several customers behind. No compensation, no care & attention, they were simply told 'come back and try again tomorrow'.

Not just on the shuttle, but I also had it on the CDG/EDI via Brum service & although I didn't experience it personally, my old man (thankfully) had a similar experience coming home via Lagos in the '70's, although I think there may have been a degree of self interest in the decision of the flight crew to volunteer to fly home a little earlier than planned ........

sam dilly
17th Sep 2009, 14:56
Pan Am
B Cal
Air Inter
Dan Air
Airtours (ba)
European Air Charter
Southern International
Air Ops
Air Holland
Aer Turas
Air Provence
Air Toulouse
Air Charter
Corse Air
Air Liberte
London European
British Eagle
Channel Airways
Channel Express (i Suppose)
This Makes 50 And I Am Sure I Have Missed Out One Or Two Somewhere. Maybe I Am A Bit Of A Jonah !

Guest 112233
17th Sep 2009, 17:51
RYR at MAN, BHX and STN - I can just smell the smoked Salmon. The smiling hosties, great departure times and the tasteful decor.

Nostalga is for oldies (bring on the old days vis 150 yds fog, 100 ft cloud base and worried relatives). my handle says it all.


17th Sep 2009, 19:48
Guernsey Airlines
From viscounts to the shorts330, what a ride!

17th Sep 2009, 19:54
My flights on airlines that no longer fly are:

My Travel
Air 2000

17th Sep 2009, 20:32
Agree with Brakes to Park. I thought that Maersk were excellent. Like GB I thought that their service was often far superior to mainline BA.

I well remember the short lived Paramount, also. We travelled IT from BHX to MAH on one of their MD83s. Having never heard of them we dropped them a line ahead of the flight and no. 1 son got a goody bag by return (and a nice welcome on board).

17th Sep 2009, 22:33
Thanks - at Maersk Air Ltd. (UK), we always did our best service-wise and yes, it was usually better than BA! Brilliant airline to work for too...

Cheers :cool:

18th Sep 2009, 19:13
With differing degrees of joy I've worked for....
Airways Int'l Cymru
European (which included stints dressed as Debonair, flyeuropean and Axis)...
and another two which are still going and I won't name here for fear of tempting fate. :oh: :sad:
Oh and I was offered jobs with Air Ecosse and Jersey European.
And the sad thing is I'm sure I don't hold the record. :ouch:

18th Sep 2009, 19:37
Being Fairly Young - I havn't flown on that many defunct airlines but here is my list:
Air Scandic(MAN-HER)
Britannia (MAN-HER/PMI)
Excalibur (MAN-FAO Back in the 90's)
Air2000/First Choice(MAN-Preveza/MAH)
BA Citiexpress/BA Connect(LPL-IOM/MAN-TXL)

18th Sep 2009, 21:14
Too many to count can I include Dodge Air with the Martin 404 or are they still going.....

18th Sep 2009, 22:00
I would love to see Air wales back at Plymouth.

Nice aircraft, Nice livery and nice callsign.

18th Sep 2009, 23:47
1 It has to be Britannia
2 Air Europe
3 Dan Air
4 Inter european
5 Calair
6 Airways Cymru
7 Orion
8 Paramount

19th Sep 2009, 03:33
airlines would like to see back are

air europe
dan air
british world
sterling (before went low cost)

all were frequent visitors to stansted before we got swamped with ryanair!

in fact a post see here, yes i agree the ryanair of old when they flew atr 42's
to galway,waterford and kerry often wander what happened to some of those crews, guaranteed a laugh and a cup of coffee on the turnround!

airtours (when flying md83's)
air uk leisure
air uk
american transair

all unfortunately no longer with us (some now in a different guise) but always hold fond memories!

20th Sep 2009, 17:37
Air UK
British Caledonian
Dan Air
Gill Air

And any airline who flew 727s into Newcastle - I used to go up and watch from the roof in the 80s when I was a kid - vague memories of Air Atlantis (Portugal), Dan Air and a few others

21st Sep 2009, 08:35
Air Rhodesia.



When this was worth something :

And when Rhodesia was the best country in the word, bar none.

21st Sep 2009, 13:43
Not an airline per se but the striking blue paint scheme of Peregrine was prominent during the oil boom of the 70s/80s. Half a dozen Piper Aztecs, Navajos Jetstream 31s etc.

It would seem Scotland no longer has a demand for piston twin charters, the smallest option being Beech 200 / Cessna 550, or maybe someone begs to differ?

25th Sep 2009, 20:24
British Midland when they broke the BA Shuttle monopoly to EDI/GLA etc.
Execellent service - drinks, proper meal, coffee and sweeties all in a very short time.

Brymon - who did a good job from Scotland to BRS.



26th Sep 2009, 05:49
DanAir, blew my eardrum! Now daytime telly ads tell me I could sue ;-)

National Airways, started learning the trade with a great bunch.

British Independent Airways - party time, 90 percent of a small airline great people. We all worked 10 weeks without pay, it was that much fun. So bring 'em back, they owe me money!

Maersk Air / duo.................. They too owed me money in the end. 11 year roller coster ride with the best of the best people to ever work with and as others have said, worked with pride in themselves and the company.

A duo-National Independent Airways gets my vote, anyone with a large fortune want to make (it) a small fortune in aviation? Only previous employees need apply ;-)

Bored ...................... (the fun has sure set on this industry)

interested penguin
11th Oct 2009, 18:38
Air Wales and Emerald Airways, great crews and service, a pity
it will not happen.

11th Oct 2009, 18:43
The old Ryanair with good old English pilots and cabin crew! :) Air Wales were a good airline too.


11th Oct 2009, 20:58
Ive only flew with a couple no longer here airlines which where :
Britannia Airways
Go Fly

And i might as well say RYANAIR when ever i flew with them it was all ENGLISH cabin-crew and flight-deck crew , from 2006 ive been on about 5 ryanair flight all 1p flights :) and not once have i had english crew and when trying to explain something is like :ugh:

11th Oct 2009, 21:50
Channel Airways, for ...... cunning use of Continental's colour scheme ......Oh and the Stansted Comets too!
I never saw the Channel/Continental "golden" colour scheme for real. But I saw one of their Comets at Manchester, on the next stand (fortunately), operating to Palma about 12 hours late, and it had the most tatty livery I have EVER seen. They had taken the BEA livery and overpainted all the markings etc, but no more, with blue and white paint of not quite the same shades. A simplistic Channel Airways name above the windows was the only identification. Much of the fuselage sheet metal looked uneven like it had been fitted by apprentices.

This was summer 1971, about 6 months before Channel went under. I believe many of the Comet charters were for the long-established Lyons holiday company, who had given up a BUA One-Eleven contract for the Channel Comets, and had huge delays in the 1970 and 1971 seasons. Lyons didn't last much longer either.

12th Oct 2009, 11:20
Airways International Cymru - what a smashing outfit

Back at NH
13th Oct 2009, 14:48
BIA Blackpool
BIA Mark 2 Gatwick
Mediterranean Express.

Great fun, great people. If I could turn back time......

Ridge Runner
13th Oct 2009, 16:02
For me it has to be:
Dan-Air (I was there 15 years)
Laker Airways (for the man himself!)
Spantax (the last operator of the speedy CV990 and others)
Braniff (for adding colour to the ramp - any ramp)
Courtline (for the same!)
and CP Air (for the same)
and Aviaction (for the same!!)
TAT (for the wonderful flight timetables they produced!)
Modern Air (another treat of Convairs!)
Delta Air Transport (for providing the big dougs and convair propliners late in their career)
Balair (for operating a beautiful DC-6, which took me to Basle and back)
SAM (for filling LGW with the sound of P&Ws every day!)
BAF (for the Carvair)
Futura (for many of my friends)
and many more....... RR

13th Oct 2009, 16:26
How about Imperial Airways?

Imperial Airways Limited was formed in March 1924 from the British Marine Air Navigation Company Ltd (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Marine_Air_Navigation_Company_Ltd) (three flying boats (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_boat)), the Daimler Airway (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daimler_Airway) (five aircraft), Handley Page Transport (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handley_Page_Transport) Ltd (three aircraft) and the Instone Air Line (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instone_Air_Line) Ltd (two aircraft).

A friend used to work for them as a Radio Officer. Says that their first aircraft had wickerwork seats that were not fastened to the floor. They were probably more comfortable than some of the current seats.

He used to fly the route from London to Johburg, can't rememebr how many days it took.

13th Oct 2009, 18:48
East African Airways...............!!!


13th Oct 2009, 19:55
Too true, planemike, too true.

13th Oct 2009, 22:02
tae, transeuropa,bia,wardair.

14th Oct 2009, 00:26
Gulf Air - circa 1973 and for several more years.
Air Europe

15th Oct 2009, 14:22
I vote for Air Europe


Ridge Runner
15th Oct 2009, 14:33
Sterling (for those beautiful Caravelles)
ACE Frieghters (for the short Connies)
Wardair (for the 727 service from Canada!)
Capitol/ONA/Trans International/Seeboard World/Universal/Saturn (for the fab DC-8s)
Aeroflot (for the almost daily Tu-104 services in to LGW)
.... and more.....


15th Oct 2009, 18:56
Wonderful Wonderful Dan-Air Scheduled Services from LGW, as a staff passenger they could do no wrong. I once missed the flight from NEW to LGW as the flight had pushed back, the crew stopped the push and start and repositioned on stand to allow me to board!!

British Midland Diamond Service ex LHR, I used to return early to sample their mid-afternoon cream teas and they had DC9-10s!!!

British Airways Super 1-11 Division at Manchester

Air UK ex Stansted-Scheduled services all over Europe with an efficent and friendly face. I used to live in SW London and would travel up to Stansted to fly with Air UK rather than fly from LHR which was much nearer.

British Island Airways-Once brought me back free from Geneva when I would have been stuck overnight.

Air Bridge Carriers- Flight Deck Familarisation flights on their mighty Vickers Vanguard.

British Airways Gatwick Division that flew the Queen of the Skies-The McDonnell Douglas DC10-30

I dont fly much anymore- I wonder why that is???

15th Oct 2009, 19:09
Skyways of London ! Just for the Avro Yorks, Lockheed Constallations and Handley Page Hermes, and cold foggy nights at Stansted in the 60's ?


15th Oct 2009, 20:59
Nice to see all the good opinions of AirUK (great airline, sadly missed), but no mention of buzz? Oh, to turn back time seven years, or better still, pre 9/11, when we could have children/enthusiasts/pretty girls up to the flightdeck.
Best airline? dunno, but best job... captain of a Handley Page 42 for Imperial, closely followed by captain of a Short "C" boat for the same company.

16th Oct 2009, 11:34
anyone remember donaldson international.
britannia's and 707's back in the 60's 70's

16th Oct 2009, 17:32
I have to agree with the comments about Air UK. I remember coming back from Frankfurt in a Friendship one evening (I think it was one of the ones they pulled out of the Congolese jungle) when the Captain came back and said that as there was a strong headwind he'd make it a free bar to dull the pain of the noise of those two Darts roaring away. He wasn't being too generous though... there were only two passengers on board!. Things got a lot better when the 146s arrived. I liked them but I gather the engineers had views.

Metro man
17th Oct 2009, 01:07
UTA Union des Transports Aériens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_des_Transports_A%C3%A9riens)

17th Oct 2009, 07:57
I flew with Buzz - what a great little airline it was too!


The acceptable face of LoCo travel! My only complaint was that the size of cabin baggage which they allowed was below the industry norm, so a bag bought specifically to be compatible with normal airline limits was too big for Buzz' limits.

But I could just walk to my local bus stop with my weekend bag, catch the bus to Oxford, then the coach to Stansted. Check-in and go through for a little seafood and chilled wine, then catch the shuttle train to the Buzz lounge before my flight.

Crews were friendly and efficient (apart from the woman who offloaded the bar once!) and it was exceptionally good value.

Arrival at real Frankfurt, not where-the-hell-are-we-Hahn some 115 km away, then the S-Bahn into town. Brilliant!

Sadly missed; when the shock announcement of their closure came just after the expansion plans for their second hub had been announced, I was appalled. So, back to Lufthansa as I would NEVER fly with the dreadful Ryanair......

Plus another vote for AirUK! I once flew with them from Turnhouse to Norwich; it took a while for the F-27's left undercarriage to retract as the poor old pneumatic pump had to raise sufficient pressure. Then we droned round and round at Leeds-Bradford before diverting to East Midlands. The hosties cheered up considerably at that point - it seems that the delay had triggered some guaranteed overtime payment. So my colleague and I announced that a couple of gin and tonics must therefore be in order.....and that's what the girls brought us! Then a quiet trip down to Norwich apart from being mistakenly intercepted by an F-4 from our own squadron!

Who else would I like to see back? All those airlines driven under by ba's Dirty Tricks. The only 2 airlines I will never fly with are ba and Ryanair.

17th Oct 2009, 16:12
I used to work at EMA as a Trolley Dolly just before BRIT took over....the aircrew/cabin staff were fab, great characters - happy memories...:ok::D

19th Oct 2009, 11:51
Bristol based Amber Airways then Paramount Airways. Some wonderful characters - the odd eccentric jerk in the left seat but they were mostly harmless. I joined Amber from Air Nauru in 1989 - my first British airline and loved it.

avionic type
19th Oct 2009, 13:54
My Father worked for Imperial Airways 1928 1940,BOAC 1940 1964, and he use to regale us with stories of Senior Captains especialy Captain O.PJones lining up the cabin crew inspecting cleanliness of uniform , shave and nails befor allowing them onto HIS airplane and woe betide if they fell short of the mark they had to go and smarten up and a voyage report was made against them plus all the cockpit checks had to have been carried out and all he had to do was to pull on his leather gloves and order "Start 1" not like now in the days of our dear Queen there was no M.E.Ls as once the plane left Croydon they didn't see it for a week or two.would we like those days back? My father said he never changed even when he flew Connies after the war and even ensured stocking seams were straight on Stewardesses.

19th Oct 2009, 16:00
"even ensured stocking seams were straight on Stewardesses."

Manually, I hope. Like I said, the best job in the world.

19th Oct 2009, 20:04
They gave me my first job, in 1966.


20th Oct 2009, 11:31
Metro man, I'll second UTA. I never flew them but they gave my daughter a free ticket to Malawi for her honeymoon, a 50% discount to her husband (who wasn't entitled to any deal via my concessions), an upgrade on the way out and even an in-flight cake!

20th Oct 2009, 15:18
I too was going to add UTA, until I saw Metro Mans post.

I only used them once, JNB to NCE, in the days when Pax had to pay for drinks. I was given change in CAF Francs, that I found out were worthless :bored:

Can I cheat ever so slightly and add:

RAF Transport Command.

Ah! Those Beverly's:)

No Smoking
No Hot drinks
No Hot meals
No Presurisation
No Flush Toilets.

But lots of headroom if you were in the freight bay :)

20th Oct 2009, 15:33
Can I cheat ever so slightly and add:

RAF Transport Command.

Ah! Those Beverly's

No Smoking
No Hot drinks
No Hot meals
No Presurisation
No Flush Toilets.

But lots of headroom if you were in the freight bay

And lots of noise too! ;);)

20th Oct 2009, 15:49
I would love to see (and hear) Spantax bring their Coronados into EGHH again. Lots of black smoke and noise and a good chance of a burst tyre or two as well.

For flights on defunct airlines I flew in a Brittania from Tunisia on one of British Eagle's last flights. The passengers who came out on our aircraft were standed there.

surely not
20th Oct 2009, 17:44
Well first by a long way is British Caledonian. Great service, great colour scheme, great uniform for the girls and great girls. First UK airline with a 3 class service I think?

Then British Eagle also get an honourable mention.

Air Europe scheduled service was really good, as was Dan-Air.

JFA from Portsmouth to Jersey with Twin Pioneers was an experience never to be repeated!!

Netherlines had some really sexy female cabin crew on their J31's

BWA was a good airline with great camaraderie and adapted brilliantly to all the differing types of flying they did.

21st Oct 2009, 23:37
Laker in the late 1970's: I could do a day's work near NYC, and then take my own bottle of wine aboard which they'd open FOC. The scrum at Gatwick a week later to get back wasn't so great though. And too early for drinking ...

Suckling in the mid 1990's: the Cambridge end would accept a phone report of deteriorating weather from Amsterdam dockland and say "Get to Schipol as fast as you can and we'll get you back." They did too.

It was /so/ nice to be greated by name by Suckling's desk staff in Cambridge at Oh-dark-50 on Monday morning for the flight out as I arrived 10 minutes before boarding.

And whoever flew Viscounts from Wick to Glasgow via Inverness in 1969. My first ever flight. In brilliantly clear sky, no higher than 2000 AGL all the way, and those huge Viscount windows!


22nd Oct 2009, 00:04
Hooters Air

I second that I always looked forward to turbulance when flying Hooters.:ok:

25th Oct 2009, 23:21
Bring back the Bristol Freighter, that was the first aircraft I was employed on as a flight attendant for 6 months, which was just before they were withdrawn from car air ferry use.

Can still remember the noise on take-off.

I continued to fly for another 35 years with another airline after that.

27th Oct 2009, 08:47
People Express Boeing747
Intra Airways DC-3
Dan-Air Comet 4,BAC 1-11,Boeing 727
Britannia Boeing 737
Orion Boeing 737
Air Europe Boeing 757

27th Oct 2009, 08:52

Would increase UK Air Traffic!!

27th Oct 2009, 17:43
ACE Frighteners :{ I just love to to get down & dirty:E:ok:

Jean-Lill just when the lower clasp on the nose came unlatched @ 200ft into Le Touquet:\

29th Oct 2009, 13:01
Jean-Lill Didn't the Bristol Freighter have a ladder for flight deck access? I knew someone who'd been a flight attendant on them, told me stories of inviting pretty girls in skirts to visit the flight deck while he stood underneath.

30th Oct 2009, 04:41
They were known as the "Lydd Lechers":E

30th Oct 2009, 08:25
I thiught that the upstairs first class lounge in the KLM 747 on the South East Asian runs in the 1970's was about as good as you could get.


31st Oct 2009, 09:10
I suppose what everyone reminisces about here really is the age when flying was an adventure, something to be relished pre-RYR days etc.....
I admit to not reading all the posts on this thread but two names that caught my eye encited me into this riposte :)
I remember as a 15 year old flying on one of their DC-10's from AMS-NBO and receiving an elegant card proclaiming the fact that I had crossed the equator with KLM :) Nice little touches like that disappeared many many moons ago :(

This memory was a little ruder so I apologise in advance....
03rd January 1977, UTA DC-8 F-BOLM Lusaka-CDG, just turned 15yo, acne challenged and full of these new hormone thingies. I took my window seat and this thing of beauty i.e. the stewardess (that's what they were called back then) wearing this figure hugging light blue ribbed type jumper, kindly offered to stow my bag in the overhead locker. Now, it may have been the strategically placed aircon vents had something to do with it but as she proceeded to push home the offending bag into the overhead locker with both arms raised, I was subjected to this wonderous sight of a pair of the most exquisite female attachments :eek: I was ever to behold, I literally could have hung my coat on the proffered extensions there and then ;)
One of those few memories ever to make one huge impact in one's life :)

31st Oct 2009, 10:21
One of those few memories ever to make one huge impact in one's life

Did it have any impact on the acne superspotter? ;)

31st Oct 2009, 19:56
Only to make it more of a deep red hue than it already was :O

10th Dec 2010, 18:37
If any ex management of Air Scandic are reading on here i would love to see them make a comeback with some new aircraft or rebranded, i flew with them amny times and they were fantastic the A300's had loads of leg room. Please come back Air Scandic.:):):):)

10th Dec 2010, 18:41
I would also like to see Flyjet make a return to our skies, i think that they could of done a great job if they had of found some more planes to replace the 757's.:):)

10th Dec 2010, 20:41
Ohh, Ryanair.

No, not that bunch of wallet lifting thieves you encounter in this day and age - but the Ryan of 12 years ago.
London -Prestwick, booked on phone, no hidden fees, late at airport, missed check in, took suitcase straight to gate and gave to dispatcher at rear cargo compartment!, jump seat no questions. Basic service, but what a personal delight.

Or was it like that with everything before the the madness started?

edited due appalling grammar

11th Dec 2010, 15:10
Could there ever be a chance that Air Scandic could start up again either with a new name or the same one and with a new livery.:)

11th Dec 2010, 20:20
Air Europe
Air Norway
BCAL Helicopters
British Eagle
British Airtours
Dan air
Air Florida
Nigerian Airways
East African Airways
Pacific Western Airways

12th Dec 2010, 00:10
Anyone mentioned Highland Express yet ? Did a Newark round trip on them from PIK Good while they lasted !

12th Dec 2010, 08:14
Ohh, Ryanair.

No, not that bunch of wallet lifting thieves you encounter in this day and age - but the Ryanair of 12 years ago.
London -Prestwick, booked on phone, no hidden fees, late at airport, missed check in, took suitcase straight to gate and gave to dispatcher at rear cargo compartment!, jump seat no questions. Basic service, but what a personal delight.

Or was it like that with everything before the the madness started?
Yes it was. I was going Dublin to Stansted with them back in the 1990s, checked in early, got boarding card, through to the gate, previous departure still there just being closed up. Asked if I could transfer forward. "Hold baggage ?" says the dispatcher himself. No, hand baggage only. "Give me your boarding card". He starts scribbling on manifest, and agent at desk. "There you are". And I'm on board. Yes, indeed, why throw all this away ?

13th Dec 2010, 10:18
what about macrobertson miller airlines pride of west australia ended up being called ansett wa.

13th Dec 2010, 12:12
Aaahhh "Mickey Mouse" only flew with them twice back in the early 70s, was on me hols and they gave a me an ID100 valid for 3 weeks:ok:

13th Dec 2010, 14:20
Bring back BeeWee. That's British West Indian Aiways to the unknowing. Great airline safety record - 1940 to 2006 without a single accident that resulted in a fatality. Very professional pilots and pretty hostesses!

Not the most punctual but always the most friendly.

Happy days.

13th Dec 2010, 15:17
Laker for sure!

Feb 14/1980

Gatwick to New York, the first day in many years that I did not have a drink. As a broken down alchoholic, the cabin crew on that flight cared for me like I was one of their own and it will never be forgotten as long as I breathe on this earth. I was so sick and afraid of the DTs but somehow made it to New York and on to Canada and still sober today. Most of all it was the many simple acts of kindness and care that I will never forget.

Each day when I remember to be grateful, that crew are always the first in my mind.

Thank you so much for a second chance.


13th Dec 2010, 16:25
Merlinxx, hit the nail on the head with Ace Airways. The RAF used them (actually I think it was 'it', since they only had one Super Conny) to ferry equipment around for Detachments. If it stayed on the ground for too long, we had to hose down the pan to get rid of all the oil it had shed. It was also the only aircraft which I've ever seen, which had engine cowlings 'tied' on with locking wire!:eek::eek:

Tee Emm
14th Dec 2010, 10:28
Quote: what about macrobertson miller airlines pride of west australia ended up being called ansett wa. Unquote.Maccie Millers!! Those pilots were a union dominated bunch of stuck in a time warp shellbacks. They were flying what must have been the most boring routes in the world but thought they were legends. I recall reading a book written by a bloke called Atkins who was bitterly opposed to Ansett taking over Maccie Miller and in this whinging whining book he proudly described how he and his mates all met the first arriving Ansett crew after landing and then in uniform and with amazed passengers looking on, these clowns walked backwards on the Perth tarmac chanting union slogans to discourage the Ansett pilots. What a bunch of twits.

Lou Scannon
28th Dec 2010, 11:57

Once described by the crews as a means of getting from one party to another...at no expense to the individual!

...and not forgetting Dan Air. I never worked for them but loved the description as "the best working class airline in the world!).

28th Dec 2010, 12:10
Royal Air Force Transport Command.

28th Dec 2010, 13:26
British Midland
EGLL-EGAA Dc 9 shuttle twice a week for 8/9 months.
Appox 2 days before Christmas Eve.
Job finished. Just one drink before leaving.(A.M)
Booked out on last flight (need i go on )
Very unsteady arrival at EGGL (me not the a/c)
Taken to B.M desk and presented with a hotel voucher for the night!!!!!
Your not driving back to your home.Pick up your car keys in the morning


Lightning Mate
28th Dec 2010, 15:43

....name it......


Then again...............


29th Dec 2010, 04:40
....name it......My $5.95c answer is...Southwest Airlines. :ok:

http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/2102/595x.jpg (http://img225.imageshack.us/i/595x.jpg/)

India Four Two
29th Dec 2010, 14:03
I first flew Southwest in the "bad" old days. Stewardesses dressed just like LM's photo AND a "Stewardess of the Month" foldout in the magazine. ;)

29th Dec 2010, 15:06
I too flew with Southwest in it's earliest days when I think it had only 5 737s. These flew to very few destinations and all arrived in DAL (Dallas Love, their base) within a few minutes, did a 20 minute turnround and departed again. The activity on the ramp was hectic with bags being carted around between aircraft whilst in the terminal all the passengers in transit rushed from gate to gate to their connecting flight. I flew SAT-DAL-MSY with a 20 minute connection.

Apart from the obvious attraction of the hot-pants attired young ladies my most memorable recollection is of the in flight catering of pea-nuts, appositely named "Love Nuts" a rather old fashioned expression which clearly did not have the same connotations in the US as it did in the UK!

Lightning Mate
29th Dec 2010, 15:07

3rd Jan 2011, 11:34
Flight West
Bush Pilots Airways

19th Aug 2013, 19:07
maybe this needs resurrecting because we are al so fed up now of crap service lol

British Eagle (my first flight in 1964)
with their wonderful names for their Britannia's like Trojan, Bounteous, and Good Fortune. or their 1-11's Serene Swift Superb!
and the skipper sending round in flight the progress slip of the voyage that you passed back to the passengers behind you, how lovely to have that now!
Photo British Eagle Bristol Britannia 313 G-ARXA (http://www.planepictures.net/netshow.php?id=606460)

Caledonian Airways 1960's (my first JET flight in 1969 to Palma in a 707)
fabulous crew, smart and neat, big comfy seats even with 189 pax.
Photo 41319 - Caledonian Airways Boeing 707-349C G-AWWD at London Gatwick - Plane Mad (http://www.plane-mad.com/aviation-photos/view/caledonian-airways/-/london-gatwick/41319.html)

Britannia Airways
surely the best charter airline ever, hot meals (shepherd's pie) hot breakfast
even on a ski flight, lovely crews
G-OBYA Britannia Airways Boeing 767-304(ER) - Planespotters.net Just Aviation (http://www.planespotters.net/Aviation_Photos/photo.show?id=205497)

Air Spain (one of my first jobs)
those DC-8's in that marvellous colour scheme that today would still look great Photos: Douglas DC-8-21 Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/Air-Spain/Douglas-DC-8-21/1455886/L/)

British Midland Airways (i had a great job at LHR 1977-1985)
great bunch of people, great service for the passengers and we had so many laughs...
wonderful hot meals on most of our domestic flights...
DC-9's 707's

Prince of Dzun
20th Aug 2013, 06:40
Malayan Airways without a doubt. Based in Singapore with routes throughout Malaya and Borneo, home nearly every night, lovely Asian girls, easy ATC, good maintenance, no real weather, high morale, good salary, lots of leave and so the list goes on.
216 posts here and not a mention of Malayan Airways which confirms my feelings the airline was special and known to only a privileged few. If you were there you will understand if not then you missed something. DFO Captain Denny Fenton the pilots' friend.

Prince of Dzun

20th Aug 2013, 17:59
AirUK (only one flight, but fine service)
Wardair (got to know several of the crew)

Both served great grub!

And stateside - Lake Central (great Gooney Birds!)
and Mohawk - even with the ultranoisy BAC111s

Agaricus bisporus
20th Aug 2013, 18:58
Go, Go, Go and Go.

Just the best.

21st Aug 2013, 00:03
Just seen this: Blue sky thinking: The good old days of air travel - News & Advice - Travel - The Independent (http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/blue-sky-thinking-the-good-old-days-of-air-travel-8776983.html)

23rd Aug 2013, 11:20
Dan Air were always good, but I have to confess a sweet-spot for BA.

Mid cruise as a youngster I asked the cabin-crew if it would be possible to go upfront. Yes came the reply and after a few minutes talking to the Captain, he asked if I would care to stay and take the jump seat for landing.

That first jump-seat flight in a BA757 on a winter's afternoon coming into Heathrow, as the sun was setting. The dusk over London and then the right turn onto 27R, with the runway lights lit up. Even now, I can still remember the stand!

23rd Aug 2013, 13:07
Only slightly off-topic:

In 1969 I had lunch at a Chinese dive (I'm sure it's the same one that Ernie Gann describes) with Benny Howard, who had been a line pilot back in Ford Trimotor days. Benny with his sly smirk asked me if I knew what the first major breakthrough in airline travel was. I must have proposed a half-dozen technical ideas - retracting gear, NACA cowls, radio nav, ... but he poo-pooed them all.

"No," he said, "The first major advance was when the airsickness rate fell below 75%!"

(I've been waiting to use this > > >) :yuk:

24th Aug 2013, 03:49
IEA-Inter European Airways 737s & 757s

...Oh and Amber 737-200s who did not last long

24th Aug 2013, 22:38
Prince of Dzun-
I too remember Malayan Airways with great affection - my father was an engineer with the company and I remember being allowed to fly on the CofA test flights which were often used as an excuse for low flying around the islands by some of the slightly mad Australian pilots. We were neighbors of Charlie Russell and Arthur Larkman - my mother is his youngest childs godmother.
My father was Bob Gallacher - usually known as Jock.Sadly he is no longer with us but my mother Effie has just turned 90.

26th Aug 2013, 02:21
"FAT ALBERT" -- The Orange 747 to Hawaii!

I used to climb up on the roof of our house and could see the runways at Dallas Love..
Would watch that thing roll out and make his ever so slow climbing turn up and over our part of town then head West...

Always missed that.

Prince of Dzun
26th Aug 2013, 10:43
Did you know that Arthur Larkman left Malayan Airways to join Dan Air. He became Director of Flight Operations there and wote a book about his experiences in Malayan Airways. The book is called "Chance Encounters". Amazon have three copies for sale. You have to enter "Chance Encounters book by Arthur Larkman straight into your search section rather than enter via Amazon first as this brings up dozens of the same title but not Arthur's book. There is another book entitled "Luck is No Accident" by Colin King that deals with his time as a pilot with Malayan Airways. Also put title straight into your search section.
I understand how you enjoyed your days in Singapore. The standard of engineering as set by people like your father was very high. In ten years flying the DC-3 for Malayan Airways I never saw a mechanical problem that delayed a flight for even 5 minutes. Amazing!!!
Prince of Dzun

26th Aug 2013, 12:28
Prince of Dzun -
I acquired Arthurs book some years ago - my father is in one of the photographs. I used to go fishing in Katong with Joy and Arthur, my memories are of an absolute gentleman.We left Singapore in 1956 when I was 12 years old. These days I am retired from the airline business and live mainly in Scotland but have a house outside Manila where I am heading tonight on a sad journey as my wife's mother passed away on Saturday.

Mr Angry from Purley
26th Aug 2013, 13:01
Have to agree with Lou Scannon, Laker Airways, simply the best time of my life. Work was a blur, Skytrain tickets at £10 (or was it £5), got left behind in JFK for 48hours but apart from that always got on.

26th Aug 2013, 14:56
Had this chat with fellow PPRuNe member Beavis & Butthead over a beer on Saturday in fashionable Wilmslow! Ex employees and happy memories of Excalibur Airways and our ex colleagues!

26th Aug 2013, 17:37
BMED!!! Some of the best people I was priviledged to fly with.

26th Aug 2013, 23:03
The RAF was a pretty smart outfit, really like to see them brought back to their former glory.

27th Aug 2013, 08:23
Mediterranean Express - so they could pay my colleagues and I the money they still owe us.

27th Aug 2013, 08:48
Ansett Flying Boat Services which ran from Rose Bay, Sydney to Lord Howe Island. This is VH-BRF on Sydney Harbour, Dover Heights in the background. Worked for this airline on the conversion of BRF from
Sunderland to civvies. Nothing tangible left of it at all now in Australia, except in the archives.
Kermit Weekes has the boat in his Florida collection.

http://www.aussieairliners.org/shortfb/vh-brf/2545.191.jpg (http://www.aussieairliners.org/shortfb/vh-brf/2545.191.html)

Chris Scott
29th Aug 2013, 15:35
Several of you mentioned UTA. Being a bit older, I'll put one in for its predecessor, UAT (Union Aeromaritime de Transport), with its DC-6Bs on the JNB/SAY/BZV/NCE/LBG run in the late 1950s. Brazzaville/Nice non-stop in 13 hours, and a small boy fascinated by the cycling of the gills, occasionally revealing the white-hot exhaust manifolds as she thundered through the African night sky.

29th Aug 2013, 16:43
Remember Derby Airways elegant Herons landing at Sywell when I was doing my Flying Scholarship. we were given landing times to avoid as we were non-radio in the Austers

29th Aug 2013, 17:30
Not Derby Airways Herons; they never operated them.
ore likely Handley Page Marathons

29th Aug 2013, 17:46
Transglobe Airways ... with their Britannia's

29th Aug 2013, 17:51
Silver City Bristol freighters at Eastleigh in the sixties.

29th Aug 2013, 20:11
Silver City Bristol freighters at Eastleigh in the sixties

Good call, and at Blackpool in the late 50's.

30th Aug 2013, 07:26
Maritime Central Airways

Heathrow Harry
31st Aug 2013, 08:38
BCal - they cared

Branff - a mess but a lot of fun

Phileas Fogg
31st Aug 2013, 13:49

Once described by the crews as a means of getting from one party to another...at no expense to the individual!

On a personal level most definitely Laker except that it wouldn't be the same with FAL now residing in heaven.

Within one 24 hour period I travelled back from one party TPA/BGR/LGW just in time to jump on the midday LGW/LAX to another party, inbound to LGW on board had been Judith Chalmers, the 'Wish You were Here Team', Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart (looking worse for wear than I did) and Mike Reid, whilst, with all jumpseats occupied, I repeatedly needed to discreetly retire to a rear toilet during turbulence and landings/take-offs.

On the LGW/LAX, as knackered as I was, I found myself called upon to assist in overpowing a passengers, it took 3 or 4 of us to overpower him and when later questioned by passengers, politely explaining that I was a staff passenger etc. etc. etc. their response was that the fight had been far more interesting to watch than the movie :)

And as for the night shifts, not many guys can say FAL taught them to drive his Rolls Royce around the, then very narrow, LGW perimeter road whilst under the influence!

As a passenger I'd like to see MALEV back, I only did one round trip with them STN/BUD/ODS/BUD/STN. If one got a seat near to the front of economy then it was in business class config, two of the sectors were on B737's with the other two sectors being on my favoured F70's, PDQ connection on the way out with some time to occupy in BUD on the way back, not much to do if one didn't like pizza as I recall.

Allan Lupton
2nd Sep 2013, 08:13
Silver City cross-channel car ferry!
Never did like boats and first took a car to continental Europe in 1959 using Silver City's Lydd-Le Touquet service. I put up with boats when SC stopped, took to Hoovercraft when I could and I've used the Tunnel since it opened in 1994 but am hacked off with their fare structure where the day-trip boozers are subsidised by those of us taking proper holidays.

2nd Sep 2013, 08:18
Central African Airways
East African Airways
Air Rhodesia
The old Suid Afrikaanse Lugdiens

Chris Scott
2nd Sep 2013, 22:13
Hi Capetonian,
Good choice. SAL/SAA/South African Railways took me on my first long-haul flight (LusakaCity/Eastleigh/Khartoum/Cairo/Athens/Ciampino/Orly/Heathrow on a L749...), which hooked me into civil aviation. After you posted the Air Rhodesia pics, I wondered if you might mention its predecessor, CAA.

I guess we all look at the airlines of our youth with rose-tinted spectacles. In the early Fifties, CAA was based at Belvedere airport, Salisbury (capital city of Southern Rhodesia, recently part of the Central African Federation with Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland). It was operating Beavers, Vikings and Dakotas. My first ever flight was in a CAA Viking from Lusaka-City to Belvedere, and I remember having to step over the centre-section main spar when moving up the cabin (unlike the Dak).

In 1956 the new airport at Kentucky (about 7 miles south of the Salisbury) opened, and CAA's move there roughly coincided with the delivery of the first of five Viscount 748Ds, fitted with slipper tanks to replace the Vikings on the airline's "Zambesi" service to London. The Viscount operation was slick and efficient, marred only by the 1958 fatal accident on the approach to Benina. CAA also leased a DC6 from Alitalia.

In 1963 the Federation was disolved when Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland suddenly gained independence (as Zambia and Malawi), leaving the more developed Southern Rhodesia still a British colony. The fledgling Zambia Airways and Air Malawi started off with CAA aircraft. CAA later founded Air Rhodesia for local services, but continued the CAA brand for long-haul services. Still based in Salisbury, its order for two One-Elevens fell victim to the sanctions policy put in place after Rhodesia declared UDI on 11/11/65. With Rhodesia granted international pariah status, CAA was soon broken up. What happened after that is another story.

3rd Sep 2013, 02:26
Thanks Chris for that little walk into history. Your memory goes back further than mine as I was only in Rhodesia in 1979-81, and not for the whole time as I was officially living in Cape Town then.

What happened after that is another story. .... a very tragic one too.

27th Sep 2013, 00:07
international caribbean,

the girls in hot pants

27th Sep 2013, 13:25
For me Laker, Air UK, British Eagle, BCAL, Brymon, MAOF, Majestic, Flight West, Sunstate, NYRBA (New York Rio and Buenos Aires taken over by PanAm)

and adding to a previous post, I've flown on 22 carriers that no longer operate and worked for a few of them as well.

18th Apr 2014, 20:52
CP Air
Emery Worldwide
Flying Tigers
Aero Lloyd
Green Air Tu 134/154 & Il86
Birgenair DC8
Berline IL18