View Full Version : 15% Staff cut at GF

30th Aug 2001, 20:28
:eek: Heard that GF is set cut upto 15% of staff . Anybody with anymore info ...?? :confused:

2nd Sep 2001, 15:25
GF PCE has issued a 'directive/mission statement' in which the following is targetted:

1. 5% cut in staff from 1Sept01 levels to be achieved by 31Dec01.

2. A further 15% reduction in the 1Jan02 manpower level by 31Dec2002.

That will equate to a 19.25% reduction in staff (network wide) from yesterday by end of 2002.
This does not directly affect crew (tech/cabin) other than only th operational requirement (number) will be maintained.

Of course, this target could actually be achieved (exceeded!) by tomorrow, but won't be; 'cos you cannot 'dispose of' nationals, despite the company having a surplus of 1500!! :eek:

5th Sep 2001, 17:21
:eek: I pity all those expats working wz GF especially those in the gulf region ..... i'm sure there r lots of useless national staff :D who will keep their positions ..... :confused: