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30th Aug 2001, 15:18
Final flight for retiring 'Air Force One' 707

WACO, Texas (CNN) -- President Bush's trip to San Antonio, Texas, on Wednesday marked the last flight as Air Force One for a Boeing 707 jet that served seven presidents and took part in some of the most historic moments of the past three decades.
The four-engine jetliner, bearing tail number 27000, was retired and honored by President Bush at a ceremony at an airfield in Waco after he and first lady Laura Bush returned from San Antonio, where the president addressed the American Legion convention.

The plane had served as a backup to the Boeing 747 that now fulfills the primary duties of Air Force One.

Fare well ol' Lady.

31st Aug 2001, 15:14
WACO, Texas (CNN)- Thursday -- President Bush calls on any air transport companies calling at San Antonio, Texas, in the next few days to provide himself and the first lady with a lift to somewhere. (He is not sure where, but is certain it begins with "W". Reasonably sure anyway.)

(George Bush Jr had served as a backup to the original George Bush that now fulfills the primary duties of Air Force One's main passenger.)

31st Aug 2001, 15:27
Dubya did his flying before the days of the GPS.

Even if he had one now it's too late!!

31st Aug 2001, 18:02
As I recall this was the aircraft that brought JFK to Dallas and LBJ to Washington.Have seen it a few times in Ireland and it always looked gorgeous. Speaking of which do you suppose Marlyn ever hitched a ride on board.Even the thought is erotic! Ah Well we'll all die wonderin'I suppose.

31st Aug 2001, 20:49
So I guess the other Air Force One (B707) at Seattle Museum of Flight was the backup to the backup"?

I did take a picture of the "Secretaries Work Station" as denoted by a placard.

Wondered if JFK might have had some shorthand done there? :D

Blue & White
1st Sep 2001, 00:57
Actually 970 (1958 model), at Boeing Field, was the first Jet Air Force One. Acft 26000 (1962 model) was used by Kennedy and that was the one that took him to Dallas, TX, on that fatal day. Acft 27000 (1972 model)will go to the Nixon museum. 26000 is now at the Air Force Museum at Dayton...........last flown by yours truly.