21st Feb 2001, 00:17
Heard a rumour tday that HeavyLift & Air Foyle have now gone in to a joint venture together - sounds intresting - thought they were rivals?

21st Feb 2001, 01:22
Tis true me harties!!! to be called Antonov Airlines (uk) Ltd.


21st Feb 2001, 04:04
VP8 - I heard that antonov airlines uk is a tie-up between ADB & Foyle. Are you saying that it now includes heavylift?

know the truth, speak the truth, but above all live the truth.

21st Feb 2001, 04:38

26th Feb 2001, 20:12

Proposed formation of a Joint Venture between Air Foyle Limited and HeavyLift Cargo Airlines Limited

Air Foyle and HeavyLift have agreed in principle to form a Joint Venture to promote, market and sell on a world-wide basis commercial charters of all aircraft operated by Antonov Airlines. Antonov Airlines is based in Kiev, Ukraine and operates a fleet of 8 AN-124-100s, together with a number of AN-22 and AN-12 aircraft. From June of this year one AN-225 with a payload of 200 / 250 tonne is planned to be available.

The Joint Venture will be called Antonov Airlines (UK). The Board of the Joint Venture will initially comprise Mr. Christopher Foyle and Mr. Bruce Bird from Air Foyle and Mr. Michael Hayles and Mr. Graham Pearce of Heavy Lift. Mr. Christopher Foyle will be Chairman and Managing Director and Mr Graham Pearce will be Commercial Director.

The Joint Venture will merge all the outsize cargo activities of both Air Foyle and HeavyLift under the new identity. Its principal purpose will be to develop the commercial airline business of Antonov Airlines which is the trading name of Antonov Design Bureau.

Until the Joint Venture is operational, Air Foyle and HeavyLift will be working together to offer, on behalf of Antonov Airlines, the availability of all its aircraft.

Mr. Konstantin Lushakov, Director of Antonov Airlines, said, “Antonov Airlines are delighted to be expanding their world-wide operations in partnership with two British companies who not only have the combined experience of over thirty years in the specialised outsize air cargo market, but who are both so well regarded in the marketplace. Antonov Airlines has enjoyed a very successful relationship with Air Foyle over the years and looks forward to having a similar relationship with the Joint Venture”.

Mr. Graham Pearce, Commercial Director of HeavyLIft, said that he “was delighted that HeavyLift was forming the Joint Venture with Air Foyle. HeavyLift has no doubt that the specialised outsize air cargo market was expanding rapidly and expects it to continue to expand. By creating the Joint Venture, customers world-wide should benefit enormously from the depth of experience brought to them by the three parties involved”.

Mr. Christopher Foyle, the Chairman of Air Foyle, said, “Since 1989 Air Foyle and Antonov Airlines have enjoyed and continue to enjoy a very successful and close relationship with each other. Both Air Foyle and Antonov Airlines believe that the opportunities to expand the outsize air cargo market within the rapidly growing general air cargo market are enormous. We have always had the highest professional regard for HeavyLift, our principal competitor in the AN-124 marketplace, and we are delighted that we are joining forces in this way. We believe that Antonov Airlines, through its relationship with the Joint Venture, will be in a very strong position to continue its growth and reputation as one of the world’s leading operators in the air cargo market”.

For further enquiries contact:

Bruce Bird Air Foyle Ltd 01582 419792

Graham Pearce HeavyLift Cargo Airlines Limited 01279 680611

23 February 2001

26th Feb 2001, 22:37
And what about Volga-Dnepr?!

27th Feb 2001, 11:17
Volga are doing their own thing.....


whose ya daddy!
28th Feb 2001, 11:54
'tis true volga dnepr are doing their own thing, and are doing ok so i have been informed. apparently they have are poaching the good few from heavylift too??????

28th Feb 2001, 22:49
I have heard from the bods I have spoken to at HLA, that most of the good ops people are still there. Only 1 bod has so far gone to the dark side. I think most of them are worried they may have to wait for several weeks before they get paid. As do some of the Russian's.


1st Mar 2001, 03:39
Do try to move on, AA.

whose ya daddy!
1st Mar 2001, 03:47
one has gone from HLA, but more have been approached to aid Volga Dnepr!!
To be completely honests folks, morale is weigning a tad and its only possibly a matter of time till the few good men realise that their hard efforts can be richly rewarded elsewhere. whats the going rate for an ops controller?? rumor has it most places offer 25k p.a.????

Rgds W.Y.D.

1st Mar 2001, 04:27
Heard on the grapevine Sleezy jet are looking for 3 ops controlers circa £24k


freightdoggy dog
3rd Mar 2001, 02:23
An insider who is now on the outside, having been shafted by Hale and Pace! informs me that the Flight Managers have been sitting on their @rses for the last six weeks.Still suppose it keeps them from spending the 250k
float at the poker tables!

Jamesov Bondski
5th Mar 2001, 18:15
Whose ya daddy you sound familar, why don't you send me an email and tell me who you are, I promise I won't tell.

I have heard it is true that 1 good ops controller defected, but the rest have stayed where they know they'll at least get paid at the end of the month. It's great to be told you will earn 25K but if in reality you have to wait 6 weeks just to get the previous months money, you do find that the bank manager starts asking for the keys to your house. I have heard that Volge Dnapr have trouble just paying the Russian guys.
Also there is no reason for them to stay at STN where everything is so bloody expensive, when they have a lovely big suitable office in SNN, and mother Russia. The only reason they would stay at STN is one in the eye for the Heavy Lift boys, and while they finish tieing up the financial joint venture. I hope for the 2 ex-HLA boys that this is not the case, but can't think of any other reason.

Good Luck to TS & GM. And hope to hear from Whose ya daddy soon.

I left my laptop in a cafe, have you seen it Sergey?

whose ya daddy!
8th Mar 2001, 05:46
hey jamesov! i checked out ya profile and i dont know you?? how comes your so sure you know me???
anyhow your right, good luck to t.s. but who is the other bod who has gone to V.d.A.?
Im always the last one to find out all the gossip! hey snoop any goss for me?? i wish i could speak my mind on these pages but swearing gets edited otherwise id let you know what i really thought of you,(and ya mama!!) say hi to all the hard workers for me mate
not long now, gonna fly the friendly skies again, upgraded with a bit of luck!
who wants to come fly with me???!!!!!!!
p.s. i found this really nice laptop the other day..........

Rgds W.Y.D.

Jamesov Bondski
8th Mar 2001, 20:52
Whose ya daddy pretty sure I know you, when you get back into the U.K from N.Z. I'll have my lap top back thanks, if I'm right. Hope the interview went well, and not too baaad.

G.M is x-HLA you should know ask your supervisor if not.

I left my laptop in a cafe, have you seen it Sergey?

9th Mar 2001, 16:03
hey Jamesov Bondski
are you getting mixed up with me ?
i've just been in N.Z. and now sitting in FLL waiting next job
i'm "on loan" to foyle at the mo
any more gossip boys ?

Jamesov Bondski
10th Mar 2001, 02:56
Hey Antonov Man. Nice to hear from you but you are not who I'm thinking of, I believe Whose ya daddy has been away to NZ for pleasure amongst the sheep, not biz. Can't say much as I believe my cover is blown.

I left my laptop in a cafe, have you seen it Sergey?

10th Mar 2001, 06:40
Hey antonovman ops are watching!!

got capt fax!!


11th Mar 2001, 00:56
Speaking of knowing people, Iam a recently ex HLA bod and you Jamesov Bondski sound very similar as well as W.Y.D.

Are you sure you are not all currently working for HLA ?


11th Mar 2001, 04:30
Watch out boys the aerial antichrist is about

11th Mar 2001, 07:07
this is getting just a bit confusing
wondering who everyone is
hey norman, i'm not quite sure who i'm working for at the moment
vp8, are you one of us or one of them ?
as us and them are the same now, what does that make us all ?
keep the red flag flying guys, oops its blue now

11th Mar 2001, 10:30
Antonovman, it's ok I,m on your side at OOGS
although I've never been called one of them!!!!

0 0


whose ya daddy!
11th Mar 2001, 11:00
are you sure you know me norman and jamesov??i'll be back soon and we will have to "chat"

strength and honour

12th Mar 2001, 01:55
You're all barking mad. I know who 'Whose ya daddy' is, and the rest of ya, and I'm sure you know me I've let it slip enough times.

I think a few people are missing the plot.
I feel HLA/AF/ADB can give the competion and dam good spanking, ten of the best trousers down, then send them back home to mother (Russia) crying..

12th Mar 2001, 01:56
Hey antichrist why are you such a killjoy??

Just because you got screwed doesn't mean everybody else will!!!!

12th Mar 2001, 02:16
Well said rapid climber, long live AAUK !!!

12th Mar 2001, 02:38
Obviously didn't screw him down hard enough, still walks and talks. http://cwm.ragesofsanity.com/s/drowned/argue.gif

say it with icons!

whose ya daddy!
12th Mar 2001, 11:05
back to work in one week, how am i gonna cope with all the changes that have happened since being away????
somebody, anybody......scream!!
see ya all soon snoop, A.M. & A.P. too

strength and honour

Rgds W.Y.D.

17th Mar 2001, 18:12
I recently heard from a reasonably reliable source that some of HLA's potential customers were not happy about having to deal with the multiple personalities of HLA/ADB/AF.I also heard that HLA have been using some fairly underhand tactics to tarnish the reputation of the Volga boys who by all accounts are doing a good job for the few customers who have so far defected.Does anyone know whether the two ex-HLA boys did in fact get paid last month ?

Dangerous Man
17th Mar 2001, 20:49
to Eagle 18th
You infmd very well, oh-boy.
I've been told Volga's boys are doing not bad. We did few flights with'em recently (on both acft), used HL+AF as well.
Must admit HL lost their efficiency without russians, same time Volga's service is superb and russian boys did prove once again they do things with great professionalism and better than team of old farters and kids-in-ops from HL. Communication is just excellent!!! Though Volga is not the cheapest, HL never included customer care and communication service in their expensive prices http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

Everybody relax, i know for sure both ex-HLs GET PAID in time as promised.
Well done Volga! I'm sure you can beat HLA/ADB/AF while they're confusing market by 'who is selling what'

I like to move it

17th Mar 2001, 22:27
Do you people actually know who controls HL? If you do/did then you would understand where AA is coming from. He is very good at what he does and your interests are of little concern to him.

18th Mar 2001, 00:21
palebird, we're all holding our breath.....

Please reveal all!

18th Mar 2001, 04:16
Dangerous Man - Good news that the hl guys got paid...does this mean there will be a queue of the rest of the "kids in ops" to jump the divide before the Breeze nightmare begins?My informant at STN tells me the Volga's new office is directly next door to HLA.Is it coincidence that this particular office space became available at the right time or did VDA choose it just to stick two fingers (or Russian equivilant gesture) up at Hale and Pace?

18th Mar 2001, 17:03

I have been dealing with HLA for some time now, and although their ops dept is made up of some young people at the same time they have always been very professional in my dealings with them. I think it is unfair of you to keep referring to them as "kids in ops", just because they are young does not mean they cannot do the job.

Also just on the bit about volga's office, I understand from the people I have spoken to that they have taken over the offices that were once occupied by AB airlines. Furthermore VDA have had these offices for some time, but was unclear at one point what they were to be used for.


18th Mar 2001, 22:36
VDA's new office stood empty for over a year after the demise of AB Airlines (not surprising when you see how much rent the BAA charge)..office space that at one point HLA were going to take.

Cheers Bondy :)

Dangerous Man
19th Mar 2001, 02:17
To palebird>
come on, tell us who keeps HL in hands? Please! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/confused.gif

to everybody >
Wud AF do anything about Breeze operations?
I believe AF ops still remember their days with BAe 146


19th Mar 2001, 02:57
HLA owners/shareholders:

Farhad Azima (American Leasing Group) - main
Gram Pierce HLA Commercial Manager
Michael Hayles HLA Financial Manager


19th Mar 2001, 05:02
Norman No Mates - oops!,I seem to have caused some offence by quoting the "kids in ops" mentioned by Dangerous Man.I have also had some dealings with HLA and am still in contact with a couple of their former Ops people.I agree that they have always been a good outfit in the Ops department despite the pressure they always seem to be under. Dangerous Man also mentions "old farters"...if these are also represented in the Ops dept I suspect most of them would prefer to be referred to as "kids". I will be your friend...if it's not too late.

20th Mar 2001, 02:51
Eagle 18th,
Apologies if I seemed a bit on the defensive, but that's not how it was intended. I mearly thought the ops dept seemed to be getting a bit of unecessary stick. But with reference to the "old farters" I think you are right.

Dangerous Man
24th Mar 2001, 20:40
a) seems the subject gone quite.
IS everything is calm and down these days ? Or just no news/rumours? - last entry dated 19th :)

b)heard a rumour there're few more HL's (ops, ops-ish) leaving the company very soon. Wud they go just across the corridor? or 'something completely different'? http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

c)I heard Volga pulled off MOD's contract from HL, is that true? http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/cool.gif

I like to move it

25th Mar 2001, 23:30
So Digby now you know. If you do not grasp the significance of having Azima on board well what can I say.

25th Mar 2001, 23:54
Was it worth the wait The man has been involved for years Remember Buffalo out of Waco and the Guppy. Always in the background in the days of Trafalgar House Bit like the understudy in a play just waiting for an opportunity to come centre stage

Rumour has it there maybe another prize to add to the collection Should know soon :)

whose ya daddy!
27th Mar 2001, 10:20
yes rumour has it that HL is losing one of its very good crewing officers and another ops controller! congratulations all round i guess!!! (when the ship goes down.....!)

also rumour has it that V.D.A. has secured the M.O.D. contract and to be honest, good luck to them!! lets cut them some slack, slap them on the back and wish them the very best of luck, they are going to do well and they are gonna be the strongest threat/compitition!!! HL/ADB and or AAUK..............be afraid.........be very afraid!!!!!!!!

strength and honour

Rgds W.Y.D.

Jamesov Bondski
27th Mar 2001, 15:31
It annoys me to hear the way everyone here is slagging off each other.
1) Kids in ops.- The ops staff at HL maybe young but in their time become more experienced than most of you put together. They are under constant pressure, most of which is due to lack of support by key positions. But at the end of the day they do an excellent job & I have never had any complaints with their performance.
2) Old farters.- Although this maybe true to an extent over the past year, and def over the past couple of months new blood has been bought in and currently performing well. Once again I have not had any problems with the service they have given me.
3) Good for the boys that defected to VDA from HL if they got paid. Proved my earlier comments wrong, I'm glad for them but how long will it last?

Lastly yes HL are once again losing valueable ops staff, but not to competion. The crewing guy I understand has been offered a better paid job in the city. So good luck to the Billericy boy. And as for the ops controller I believe Whose ya daddy could tell us as I think it's him. Good luck with the NZ lamb!!

Carry on as you were I shall be watching you all....

I left my laptop in a cafe, have you seen it Sergey?

Dangerous Man
4th Apr 2001, 01:44
Hi! Guys!

I am so happy this subject dissapeared from the top of the list. This should only mean everything is calm and down this days and there is no subject to gossip about. Well, that was predictable - this could not continue for ages... :)

Just final question/rumour ....
I heard a rumour both HL and AF so defensive to their own premises, so the brand-new-management decided to rent new offices somewhere in stansted village or bishop's stortford . IS this true or just a rumour?

Should this mean both 'partners' still have some business behind the curtains and they do not want to have strangers on their territory? I've heard HL trying to build back-up business with another uknown russian an124 operator...

I like to move it

crusty the clown
7th Apr 2001, 06:07

[This message has been edited by crusty the clown (edited 07 April 2001).]

crusty the clown
7th Apr 2001, 06:23
Just been thinking, and it wouldnt surprise me if thats what was being planned!! Dont it always seem to be that its always the grafters at hl that dont know what they are grafting for??

Answers???? they dont even know the ....king
questions. its about time the workers found out what was going on, then maybe no one would rumour here on this site!! did you ever think of that?? proberbly not because all you fat cats, (or should that be pussies?) are to obtuce minded. remember, you can take their dignity, but you cant take their freedom!! (of speech that is!)

Life is like a box of chocolates......

whose ya daddy!
8th Apr 2001, 02:20
Things at Heavylift seem to be on the up now anyway! I agree with the few who think that we/they should be allowed the time to shine a little and see what happens. As for me well i think you all know whats waiting for me!!!! have fun guys, i'll be thinking of ya!!!!

strength and honour
rgds W.Y.D.