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26th Nov 2001, 18:36
does anybody know what has happened to plantinum. have keenair taken over there flights to iom-bhd

The Guvnor
26th Nov 2001, 20:11
Press Release - The Airport
Isle of Man Blackpool and Belfast Services
Following the cessation of operations of the Platinum Air services on the Blackpool- IOM - Belfast route on Friday 16th November 2001, the Isle of Man Airport is pleased to announce that air services on this route have been re-established.

Blackpool Airport, in conjunction with Keenair has announced that a daily service will operate with effect 22nd November 2001. Services are scheduled for Monday to Friday.For further information, reservations and ticket sales contact Blackpool Airport on 01253-400100 (3 lines).
Additional Notes: Schedule Information:

IOM-Blackpool Blackpool-IOM Days Dep Arr Ac Days Dep Arr Ac
12345 1010 1045 El10 12345 0745 0820 El10 12345 1855 1930 El10 12345 1630 1705 El10
IOM-Belfast City Belfast City-IOM
12345 0835 0905 El10 12345 0925 0955 El10 12345 1720 1750 El10 12345 1810 1840 El10
Servisair are providing customer services at Blackpool Airport. Emerald Airways (01624-825608) are agents for Keenair at IOM. Ticket prices from IOM quoted as 154 return, 85 single for both routes. All information provided by Blackpool Airport and Keenair. Correct at time of issue.

Niaga Dessip
27th Nov 2001, 02:23
From Blackpool Airport's "News and Rumours":

21/11/01: Scheduled Flights Cancelled

Flights to the Isle of Man (& Belfast) were cancelled today as the hastly-formed Chrystal Airlines, who were leasing in a Bandeirante aircraft, found life difficult after just two days of operation.

This latest 'bombshell' leaves the airport with no guaranteed scheduled daily flights, and as the rumours start to fly, we look at who, if anyone at all, may take over the Irish Sea routes:

Keenair? Liverpool based Keenair operate two Bandeirante aircraft on their own routes from Speke to Ireland, and also lease them out when they can to create extra revenue. This appears to have been a successful operation in the last few years and their aircraft have frequently been seen at Blackpool 'helping out' both Platinum and Comed Aviation in the past. To start flying from Blackpool permanently would mean obtaining more aircraft to fly the routes and employing more people. Therefore the airline can probably be ruled out on the grounds of what they'll have to put in, compared to what they'd actually get out of operating from the Fylde Coast. Probability: Low

Comed Group? Owner Robert Murgatroyd has done it before, albeit unsuccessfully, but the rumours are currently circulating that he's coming back again under the banner of North West Airlines with a Shorts 360 or similar aircraft. Fact or Fiction? Would the airport agree? Do they have a choice? We'll find out soon. Probability: High

A new operator? Right from the moment Platinum 'went under' rumours were that former boss John Mason was putting together a plan to have another airline in the air by year-end. Was this the 'failed' Chrystal Airlines?

If you've read through this article, you can see it's mostly our version of events from behind the fence, but we're here to speculate, and in the absence of any concrete news and information, that's all we can do. If you know any different to what we've said above, email us at [email protected]

I know no more; a juicy topic though if you like the local politics, handbags, toys from prams, etc. Watch this space! :rolleyes:

Cheers! ND ;)

27th Nov 2001, 02:31
Follow the links for the Blackpool/Isle of Man/Belfast City route timetable.

It will also give the timetable for the Liverpool/Cork service as well.