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5th Aug 2009, 12:52

Im looking for an answer to my question if possible. My JAA SEP rating is up for the 2 year renewal but i have flown enough time by experience. Having just finished some training in May what do i have to do to renew it as im not a member of any flying clubs so not near a handy CFI.Would i also have to pay any money?



5th Aug 2009, 13:05
As long as you have the 12 hours in the last 12 months in the SEP Class, a 1hr flight with an Instructor in an SEP or any other JAA skills test with your logbook signed then you find an examiner, fill in an SRG1119 and he will sign your licence. There is no CAA fee and the examiner should not charge either.

Where are you based? I can do it for you. PM Me.