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five percent
6th Apr 2001, 04:41
Is it true than EK703 landed in Abu Dhabi with CAT 1 and 100 metres (or less) whilst visibility was too poor for aircraft to take off and Cargolux diverted?

6th Apr 2001, 06:48
Hmm, if true, maybe EK needs guys with more experience......hello, experienced DE Captains?

6th Apr 2001, 12:22
I'll try and find out. Early morning I suppose?

rgds Rat

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Dropp the Pilot
6th Apr 2001, 13:39
Dear 411A:

Is there perhaps a "Repetitive As***le of the Year Award" in existence somewhere which you are desperate to garner?

I think we should be told.

6th Apr 2001, 19:48
Dropp the Pilot
The usual reply from someone who does not have a clue. Expect that EK has grown and promoted too fast and finds themselves short of experienced crew. At least airlines like, for example KAL have had the sence to recruit direct entry Captains to try to bring the experience level up. With all the reports about EK incidents, sure hope that an accident is not far behind. All the signs are there.

6th Apr 2001, 21:35

Whatīs your point??
Just about everyone has read your post concerning DECs at EK.
No problem with your personal viewpoint - you just donīt have to reiterate on every EK-topic.
Actually sounds like you just want to be able to say one day:
"See, I told ya, I told ya..."
(With your attitude, they wouldnīt want you, and you wouldnīt want to work there)

Concerning DECs in ANY airline -
Some systems work perfectly good that way, and some donīt.

Just the fact that an airline has "appointed" someone as a "captain" doesnīt necessarily make him better on the job either.

Donīt know what or where you fly/have flown, but IMHO, the solution to problems you are referring to, lies in culture and training at a company.

Nowadays itīs the crew thatīs operating the aircraft - not "god" sitting in the LHS.

6th Apr 2001, 23:57
You are quite correct, the flight deck crew, as a team, operate the aircraft. Note I said "flight deck crew", the back end should be left alone, they are trained and need little input from the front end. BUT, the leader (otherwise known as the aircraft Commander) must lead, AND have the experience for doing so. If an airline expands, they oftentimes run out of that very necessary experience. The solution, for some aircarriers, is DE Captains. There are many in SE Asia as examples. Who is to say that EK will not need some in the very near future.

7th Apr 2001, 12:01
Guys, 411A is a tosser!
He is forever spinning the same record trying to get a reaction - in fact his pathetic efforts in trying to stir only show his total ignorance of what is actually happening at EK nowadays.

Just ignore the F@ck!

7th Apr 2001, 13:32
This must be a new pprune record. One post from thread to slanging match. Well done.

rgds Rat

Anti Skid On
7th Apr 2001, 18:59
Cargo Rat - couldn't have put it better - now where's that thread on scrapping Pprune....

7th Apr 2001, 20:28
Sorry to veer this back on to the centreline....

Don't recall any EK703.

There is a LHR-AUH BA/EK codeshare with the flight number EK073. Gets into AUH every evening...

8th Apr 2001, 16:44
703 is a Delhi - Dubai flight arriving into Dubai at around 10 local in the morning. (Recently even later than that coz its been a bit windy, 4 hours in the air) So if 703 diverted it would have turned up in Abu Dhabi at around 1030 at the earliest.

As I'm sure you are all aware, it gets quite hot in this part of the world at this time of the year, in fact it is starting to get hotter than a hot thing. This means the weather is pretty much always gin clear by about 0900 local. This was certainly the story with the fog that has been about in the last few weeks so short of a time warp, not unlike all that spouts from 411a's little grape, the story is pants!!


P.S. I always used to love my trips to Arizona, great golf, a shame its in the ORF belt.