View Full Version : ATC still talking to other Acft during Loganair all engine failure

5th Apr 2001, 23:48
Just recently spoke to an old collegue at my last company Loganair who mentioned the contents of the transcript between ATC and the Loganair SH360 which crashed last month.

I was also particulary disgusted to hear about a reply from another acft on frequency.

Very roughly as I can't remember the full ins and outs of the conversation but apparantly ATC were still talking to other acft after the Loganair had broadcast it's mayday without clearing the frequency.

Another Acft on frequency enquired to ATC why he had been routed the way he had with which ATC replyed with the situation in hand. The reply from the acft was "well I suppose thats fair enough then"

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6th Apr 2001, 17:36

I was at the holding point for rwy 06 when the accident happened. The tower frequency was deadly silent and I felt that ATC did all they could that day to keep the frequencies clear. We were told nothing and said nothing for at least ten minutes after the incident. ATC did not discuss with us what had happened and the only thing we were told was that the aiport was shut and that we could shut down our engines and remote hold.

I am sure that you cannot criticise anyone since you were not there on the day, and that the pilot in question may not have been fully aware of what was happening, as neither were ATC. We all make mistakes, but it is how we rectify them that counts.

Bally Heck
7th Apr 2001, 02:17
I understand that the aircraft had been transferred to Scotish when the emergency occured. If this is so then EDI ATC would have been in the dark also.

7th Apr 2001, 11:48
Not quite sure what the point of this thread is. The controller was doing his job in a dynamic situation. It was necessary to continue talking to the other aircraft on frequency to prevent even more trouble from occuring. At the same time he was co-ordinating with Edinburgh about the attempted return of the aircraft to EDI,who were also busy alerting the emergency services. An imposition of radio silence rarely works in an area control environment because new aircraft continue to call up on frequency and surely you cant be suggesting the Loganair be asked to switch frequency! All this occured in approximatley 50 seconds of useable radio time,not really enough time to select,man and transfer aircraft to another frequency.
As for the comment by the pilot. Without hearing his tone of voice, I think nothing can be read into it.On questioning his routing (a reasonable request ) he was told of the circumstances and was probably lost for words.In these circumstances anything can come out.
For those of us who were there on the day ,this was a tragic event that I hope is never repeated in my career and I can understand that emotions run high.
But the reason that AAIB and SRG exist is for situations like this and I would rather wait on an official report, than listen to some third hand ,ill informed mud slinging.

7th Apr 2001, 12:36
Top response, well said.

'Keep the Stress Down'

Davey Clark
7th Apr 2001, 18:23
Well said Wheelybin.

It is all too easy to criticise after an event, but even easier when you weren't even there!

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