View Full Version : Add Insult to Injury - Ex Midway Pilots Now Axed from Flexjet

5th Oct 2001, 18:58
Like pouring salt in a wound...

I heard that as many as 20 ex-Midway 737G, F100 and CRJ pilots from recently defunct Midway were shown the door during their recent Lear/Challenger training class at Flexjet (fractional jet operator in the States).

I am surprised because I assumed that fractional flying would "take off" as a result of airline-flying fears. I know that Executive Jet (Netjets) is still growing big-time. And yet Flexjet is laying off people and cancelling classes...

Best of luck to all involved!!! I know Comair recently hired a bunch of Midway pilots to fly CRJs...

Do you know of other former-airline pilots who are migrating over to the fractional programs as a result of furloughs, etc.?