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Doors to Automatic
5th Oct 2001, 13:25
EasyJet says September traffic up 27 percent

LONDON (Reuters) - EasyJet (LSE: EZJ.L - news) says it carried 680,383 passengers in September, a rise of 27 percent on the 534,913 passengers carried in the same month a year earlier.

Europe's second-biggest discount airline also said on Friday that over the past 12 months to the end of September, it had carried a total of 7.12 million passengers.

Its load factor, which measures the number of passengers on the seats of its aircraft, was 83.16 percent, slightly higher than the 83.03 percent for the same month last year.

EasyJet, which has its headquarters at London's Luton airport, offers 35 routes to 16 destinations in Europe.

5th Oct 2001, 14:04
This is not so black and white as EZY would have us believe. Listening to 5 Live this morning they said the increase is on the back of a significant increase in routes and schedule. Like for like comparison shows flat numbers.

In the presne tclimate I suppose "flat" is something to cheer about!

The Guvnor
5th Oct 2001, 14:30
... which is confirmed by the loadfactors provided by Doors to Automatic!!

5th Oct 2001, 19:05
Fine but how much were they selling the seats for? Lots of talk about load factors, none about yield. What was the load like on the one that I heard on UA25 yesterday asking for FL410?

5th Oct 2001, 20:23

Easyland are very quiet on that. I could sell 100 seats if they were priced at 1.50 each.

More nonsense from the land of orange hype. It achieved the desired effect, with share price rising today.

5th Oct 2001, 20:26

I suspect the load was very good - as are all our loads at present. The -700 is designed to cruise at 410 with a full load, so don't read anything into that!

5th Oct 2001, 20:58
Flypastpastfly - or whatever!

Nothing wrong with eJ's profits this year, and pax loads are holding up well.

5th Oct 2001, 20:59
Lie's, damn lies and statistics (as they say) still, with the madien results due in the near future we will soon all see. Oh, btw if Stelios loves his company as much as some on this BB would have you believe, why is he looking to offload some of his stake when his lockout comes to an end? (just a rumour i've heard, but then again this is the rumour network)