View Full Version : Caa cap or document for Flight Instructors

28th Jun 2009, 13:27
Is there a Caa cap document or similar for Flight Instructors on the Caa website. I know many other Caa's around the globe have them.

28th Jun 2009, 14:11
Presumably you are looking for a document relating to guidance on teaching. There used to be a document CAP528 Commercial Flying Instructors Guide. This was last produced in 1987 and was withdrawn around 1995. Whilst a few copies still exist, it has never been replaced with any other document.

CAA Staff Examiners usually have a copy of Instructional Techniques for the Flight Instructor by Alan Newton, John Halstead
(ISBN 0-9542751-0-1) ONTRACK AVIATION LIMITED (http://www.ontrackaviation.com/book.htm)

28th Jun 2009, 17:05
Thanks for that although it seems a bit odd the Caa no longer provides an official reference or is the Ontrack considered official ?

29th Jun 2009, 16:40
The CAA is a Regulator and its not their job to provide guidance to the industry on how to do their job consequently, they no longer provide it. CAP 528 was based on RAF material as is the Ontrack book.