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4th Apr 2001, 17:55
Please someone tell me that what I have just seen is not happening.

Are Easyjet really holding a roadshow in Singapore to recruit Type rated pilots for UK Jobs? (Flight International)


Surely there are enough UK pilots for these positions and if not, why not use the bribe money, Sory incentives, to type rate eager, enthusiastic UK pilots who can then in return offer loyalty to Easyjet?

Comments please.

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4th Apr 2001, 18:18
I am a keen supporter of the easy-brigade + go etc - but if this is true then I will certainly be having a rethink on that!!

4th Apr 2001, 20:07
Don't forget that there are quite a few Brits in Singapore who would like nothing more than to return home and fly for a UK Airline. There are also a number of us Aussies and Kiwis with the right of abode in the UK who may find the idea of leaving Singapore very tempting.

Silkair used to have B737s so those guys would be the only ones with the type endoresment.

The problem now is how to sneak into the Orchard Parade Hotel without being photographed by SIA.

4th Apr 2001, 20:44
PPRuNe never ceases to amaze me. There is always a surprise. If I were to guess, the person behind this is a former SIA jocky.
Well done, great tactical move, way to go lad.

I gotta respect the Irish.

5th Apr 2001, 01:09

Wouldn't worry about the Singapore Roadshow- easyJet obviously have no idea how Singapore immigaration works! They will find out l'ah!

And you really think the guy's in SIA will risk going to the roadshow? YEAH RIGHT!!! Was the advert bought out on April Fools day? :)

5th Apr 2001, 01:52
There are certainly plenty of British Pilots who would love to work for our beloved airline.However, our management seem hell bent on recruiting Pilots of ANY nationality,(preferably kiwi)except British!! Apparently we are a good training ground for potential Virgin Blue Pilots...!!?

5th Apr 2001, 02:41
I'll say,
many Kiwi and Aussie pilots with us, looking at Easy/Go as a sure way back home with Virgin Blue !!

5th Apr 2001, 03:26

Have you been to an Easy roadshow? If so, maybe they picked up on the attitude (bribe money...)you display here. If not, it might be an idea to mature considerably before you go to one.

Am I reading you correctly; that you slag off Easyjet, but at the same time purport to be an "eager, enthusiastic UK pilot who can then in return offer loyalty to Easyjet"? Hmmm.

Have you considered that what you narrowly term 'bribe money' might in fact be the current cost to attract qualified, experienced type-current pilots? Note, that is QUALIFIED, EXPERIENCED and TYPE-CURRENT. If you fall into the category, you qualify! If you don't; don't begrudge and vilify those who do, go and get qualified the same way most of the rest of us did: hard work, guts and sacrifice.

Nothing personal, mind you, but you asked for comments. BTW, what is Eastjet???

Happy flying.

5th Apr 2001, 13:27
Roadshow? Me thinks it's just a cunning plan to escape the miserable weather we've been having here in Blighty. The weather in Singapore should be lovely this time of year, not too hot and humid..

Expect to see easyJet roadshows in the following exotic locations over the next few months : Barbados, Caymen Islands, Hawawii, Australia (if they can lure the previou deserters back) Malidives, Seychelles, and so on.

Anybody know who's going on these junkets?

And what's this I hear about guys getting commands with under 3000 hours?

5th Apr 2001, 22:06
Orangewing and Zblata: Very well said. Easyjet recruitment is a complete joke the only way into the company at the moment is to be Dutch with 165hrs or from OZ or NZ. It is a fact that that 3 out of 10 on the first course this year were not British. So that means like all the other johny foreigners that we recruit they will leave in about 2 years.

sia sniffer
5th Apr 2001, 22:29
As the ad says, "in these times of uncertainty in the airline industry..." Uncertainty is certainly an understatement.If you are durable enough to hope for a command in SQ, then you better be in for the long haul (custodial life sentences have been shorter).

There is no certainty, only the longevity of the inexorable way SQ continually bypasses its foreign f/os for "local talent".Right.

I think some of those in easy are onto a good thing. Looks like they have gotta a lodda of CV ah, from the boyz in da bonding warehouse (aka SQ).The bonding is a running out, drink up, and getta the hella outta there.

Disenchantment is very powerful force , a whisper in the ear......command, at home.... bye bye SQ....

Tom Tipper
6th Apr 2001, 03:39
ouzo as I tried to suggest a little more subtly in your other Ryanair Racist post - there aren't enough adequate and/or experienced pilots in the UK. Perhaps easyjet also have the ability to detect a bad attitude?

As I also mentioned, those foreign pilots you slag-off at were also recruited rather heavily during WW2 and for the same reasons.
Indeed, the UK's very freedom owed a little to those horrid foreign pilots so perhaps you could be a little more discrete in future.

And as for easyjet recruiting in Singapore or wherever, so what? Perhaps they will need to offer more $ to seriously attract pilots from O/S but if they can so what. They have a business to run, can't find suitable pilots in the UK and need to look elsewhere.

6th Apr 2001, 12:56
Ouzo I do not easily get fed up by people but you are worse than the Govner..

To run an airline you need good professional pilots with experience.

Yes? Okay.

To get experienced guys there are two options:
1) get them from other airlines. That is exactly what Easyjet are doing. The reason to go to the Far East is exactly to answer your stupid Easyjet racist topic is because the whole region is full of BRITISH expats. And if you read the Ad (if you can read that is and I even start to doubt that.. ;) ) it says that if you want to have a confidential meeting you can call them in advance... So even the SIA expats who want to go home can come.

2) The 165 hours Dutch guys are trained to the same standards as the BA guys by CTC (i.e. ATP academy) The will go to the Dutch base of Easyjet. So that Easyjet starts building their experience themselves...

I'd rather be flying... :)

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