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4th Apr 2001, 15:52
For those interested, the results of the representation vote at Air Canada:

"ACPA is pleased to announce the unofficial results of the representation
vote between ACPA and ALPA:

Total number of votes counted: 3329

Number of votes for ACPA: 2242

Number of votes for ALPA: 1085

Number of spoiled ballots: 2

Needless to say, ACPA is pleased with the results, although we would have
been happier with more votes from ALPA.

Our focus now must be to move forward to mold the association into a unified
group for the betterment of all Air Canada pilots."

4th Apr 2001, 20:28
Unfortunially, the web site where most of the emotional slandering was taking place had to shut down until common sense prevails.

The performance by some pilots in the news media and on the internet makes for a rather a sad day for professional pilots everywhere...we are definitely our own worse enemy

4th Apr 2001, 20:46
Were there any hanging chads or dimpled ballots?

Is there an appeal or recount over the horizon?

5th Apr 2001, 00:48
Not that I'm aware of, however with emotions running so high and some pilots' running to the news media, who knows...

Try www.acpa.ca (http://www.acpa.ca) for what's being going on..

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