View Full Version : Looking for FAA A320 Examiner in Europe

16th Jun 2009, 14:45
Dear all,

having a current JAA ATPL with A320 type rating ( +/- 2500 hrs PIC on type ), I would like to put the A320 rating on my FAA ATPL ( with a LearJet 60 type rating only ).

Does anyone know where I can find a FAA recognized A320 sim and FAA A320 examiner within Europe ? Or are the USA the only option ?

Thanks for helping me out.


16th Jun 2009, 16:11
hi besso,

i'm looking for an faa 320 examiner myself as well...eather in europe or est asia.

i'm trying with CAE madrid i know they have a simulator that is faa approved.

i sent an e-mail to them today. will let you know when they answer to me.

personally i need to do a PC.

keep in touch