View Full Version : Cathay loses window at 30,000?

4th Oct 2001, 19:57
A friend of mine has just got of a plane that lost a windscreen while in the cruise from Sydney to HK. Apparently the SLF had to spend a few too many hours standing on the tarmac at Manilla without tinnies to aid time pass.
No-one hurt as far as I understand which is a blessing.

Which airline ? :rolleyes:

4th Oct 2001, 21:27
I imagines it shattered,or one layer did,it happens!!If the window had 'gone'I guess we'd have heard about it by now(and the rest of the world).Was he at 310 or 290??? :rolleyes:

5th Oct 2001, 20:09
I don't know the details yet I will post them when I get them on Monday :cool: