View Full Version : C3 buys Canjet

4th Apr 2001, 02:57
Heard today that Canada 3000 has bought Canjet! Air Canada might be in a bit of trouble soon.

Squawk 8888
4th Apr 2001, 03:21
Not a problem for AC- they'll still be seven times as big as C3 and go after a different market. Air Transat is in serious trouble, though- they used to be the biggest of the cheapies but years of crappy service have taken their toll. If the stars are right we'll se Transat go belly-up and C3 go head-to-head with Westjet.

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4th Apr 2001, 05:15
This was news for a short time, last week.

It's 40 aircraft to a few hundred aircraft.Times are currently tough for everyone, honest competition is good.

never buy an airline.

Anti Skid On
4th Apr 2001, 16:29
Old news guys, see http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/Forum1/HTML/013178.html

or the original news break on http://www.airporthub.com/news/details.asp?id=2811